Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sometimes I snap her picture and she takes my breath away.

Monday, October 29, 2007


We're all pretty excited for the Red Sox today. Zack made a point to wear one of his Red Sox t-shirts to school. Skyler was excited but wasn't going to let it interfere with her fashion sense, so no Red Sox t for her.

Last week I had Zack back at his pediatrician's office. We hadn't been able to see his regular doctor over the past two weeks because the office had installed a new computer system company wide and it was wreaking havoc on the schedule. They were running hours behind where they never used to. After getting a few phone messages through, his doc offered to stay late one evening just to see Zack. Long story short, we're now treating Z for bronchitis and we've bumped his tonsillectomy way up. He'll have surgery November 12th. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Not that this is the answer to all the problems, I just hope that it will reduce the misery of the coming winter. We also moved him to another antibiotic which made a difference pretty quickly. He still isn't running around, but he's perkier.

Friday night we went out with Mike & Amy to celebrate Mike's birthday. We went to our favorite sushi place where Matt and Mike drank ALL of their Naguri Saki. They had to send a glass over to another customer who loves Naguri and wasn't able to order any. Then we took the slightly tipsy boys for another wild and crazy outing at Barnes & Noble. I tell you, we hit our thirties and all hell breaks loose. I could just LIVE at Barnes & Noble. I love the smell of it, all those BOOKS. YUM!

We had our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Party yesterday. Of course, because I am a Murphy, it was our first cold day of the year. We like to do the carving outside because pumpkin guts are sticky. We made due this year. We got all but a couple of them carved and gutted before we were all too cold to stand it. Then we sat around the kitchen table stuffing our faces with goodies. That's the best part!

No pics of the results yet. By the time it was dark enough to light candles and show off our creations - I was scrubbing the garage door with a magic eraser because Skyler got the brilliant idea to sign her name on it with a Sharpie. THEN I sent her to her room and discovered that there was no floorspace after she and her cousin were through playing dress-up. I was NOT in the mood for pumpkins and pictures. Oh and Sky went to bed EARLY.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I know that I've mentioned before that I do digital scrapping. Well I downloaded a kit today and the colors were so inspiring. They made me think of my sister-in-law's wedding in August.

Pretty huh?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Princess of the Pumpkins

I WISH I had told her to take that armband off before I took this picture.

I'm still looking for it - but I have a picture of her in this same spot three years ago. She was just a little peanut!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Skyler's little friend Megan had her birthday party at the local pumpkin patch this weekend. This was such a great idea. The kids had an absolute blast. I got some fantastic pictures. Zack decided not to go, he wanted to hang out with his buddy Cameron. It was nice for Matt and I to spend some time doing something with Skyler. She tends to get the short end of the parents' undivided attention stick.

The kids all got together and then were told that they were going to have pony rides. While waiting their turn, they got to mingle with the turkeys.

The kids got a kick out of the Turkeys. The Dad's wanted to hunt them down for dinner.

Skyler, Trinity, and Megan (bday girl) waiting their turn

Then it was on to feed the goats:

coaxing a shy guy

Just like Daddy, all she needs for a performance is an audience:

with her buddy from school

There was fun in the hay, cake & juice, and lots of running around. She had a big goofy grin on her face for two hours.

After the party we stopped to pick out pumpkins for the Molson's 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.

pffft - picasa is acting wonky. I'll add more pictures later. I know you didn't get enough yet!


Me: Skyler, WHY do you eat your boogers?
Skyler: Mmmm, they taste like pudding.
Jen: Remind me never to eat the pudding at your house.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My family needs two of me...

The person who figures out how to duplicate Moms will win Nobel Prizes and earn fame, money, notoriety...

Zack is still sick. Just when I got done saying that the poor kid needed his tonsils out even though he isn't sick, he gets sick and it sticks. He's actually at the point of asking me WHEN can he get his tonsils out. Last week it was just a cough, doc said that his lungs were clear and he didn't have strep throat. This week, the lungs are still clear although he's coughing like a 30 year smoker, and he has Strep. Matt and I have maxed our days off and he's still miserable. We played juggle the sick kid today, we both HAD to be at our respective offices. Matt kept the Pooter for the morning and dropped him off at my office on his way in. I got a couple of more hours of work in and now we're home. I have to go back so he's being juggled over to my cousin's house. Thank goodness for family!

What was my point? Oh yeah, I need two of me. How much easier would all things be if I just had another me? I know some of you are cringing in horror, but I think it's a fantastic idea!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The weekend

Our weekend began with soccer, as usual. It was such a beautiful day. Cool when you first walk outside, but then very warm after you're standing in the sun for awhile. Zack played very well. I have to admit that the game flew by because I was yapping with the other parents in true Soccer Mom fashion. Before I knew it, they were calling end of game. We're really enjoying this season. The parents are clicking even better than last season - a few new faces to join the bunch and the three days a week we get together almost don't seem like enough. Thankfully the kids are all getting along as well.

Sunday we went to the park and I took a bunch of goofy pics. Here you go:

Zack channeling Ryan from High School Musical - he loves this hat!

The kids showing off their complementary shirts. Can you read them? His says "My sister is a witch" and hers says "My brother is a monster" Fun stuff!

The rope climb

Gotta try what my brother tries.

Daddy making Zack laugh til he has a coughing fit!

We hope you had a great weekend too! I'm hoping we can go to the pumpkin patch next weekend. The Third Annual Molson Pumpkin Carving party is coming soon too.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am so PROUD!

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my husband? He's had such a fantastic few weeks/month... He's had some major accomplishments and I want to shout it from the rooftops for him.

In September he began a class that he had to take for work. It was a college level course that basically teaches you teaching methods and how to be a better instructor. He wasn't too happy to spend his Friday evenings and Saturdays with his co-workers but he dove right into it. Part of his final grade was giving a 20 minute lesson on a topic randomly chosen by the professor. His was polygamy. He just found out today that he got an "A". How great is that?

Around the same time he started the class, he started a new diet. Matt was inspired by a few friends trying NutriSystem and having a huge success and I think turning 30 might have had something to do with it as well. As of this week he's lost 28lbs. We both thought he'd be fairly miserable and hate the diet but he's done great. He actually likes the food. He feels healthier. He has tons of energy. I am GIDDY happy for him. I love the look on his face when he gets on the scale and sees a new low number. Keep it up honey, you're doing so fantastic!

Monday Matt played golf in a tournament with his best buddies Mike & Tom and Tom's friend Todd. They played at a local military course. The event was sponsored by the local hockey team, The Norfolk Admirals. Each foursome was joined by an Admirals team member (Dan Jancevski was in their foursome, uh make that fivesome). The guys made lots of new friends and... CAME IN FIRST PLACE. They were on cloud nine when they got home.

Dan Jancevski, Mike, Matt, Brett Angel, Tom, and Todd

Dan and Brett play for the Admirals. Matt & Brett bonded because they are the same size and are both left handed.

Currently sitting in honor on the mantle.

Look at that happy face!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Columbus Day Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Matt's Aunt Colleen and Uncle Gordon came to visit from California. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Bravos. The kids were a little wild, but we got to sit outside so we didn't disturb too many other patrons.

That's Colleen & Gordon and our friend Amy (Hi Amy!)

We had a nice dinner and then took the kids for ice cream. We sat up late talking about who knows what. Matt enjoys telling stories about work and it's fun to hear stories about your childhood that you may remember differently as an adult.

Sunday we decided to go up and tour Colonial Williamsburg. When we got there we discovered that there was an Art Festival going on and there were TONS of people. It's unseasonably warm here right now so we had a very hot sweaty day. Skyler kept saying she didn't feel very good, but she didn't really have any symptoms. At first we just thought she was hot:

But eventually she threw up. We were going to call it a day, but she was bound and determined to get her face painted. She perked up a little bit after getting rid of whatever was bothering her stomach so we let her choose. She chose to be a butterfly:

Zack was SO sweaty so we talked him out of getting paint on his face. It would have just dripped right down his chin. He got a snake painted on his arm instead:

There was a lot of music, Zack was silly:

We had a late lunch, hit the outlets really quickly (never did get down to the colonial area of Williamsburg) and headed home. Our little butterfly fell asleep in the car:

Colleen read Zack stories before bed:

I think we all had a great weekend!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Do you need a tent for soccer camp?

Zack is loving soccer. When his team was given the opportunity to sign up for a "soccer camp" for six consecutive Thursdays with the technical director of his league, 8 of the 12 families decided to go for it. The kids have been excited for a couple of weeks to start something new. Some of the questions that Zack has asked:

What kind of tent are we going to have?
Do we need wood to build our fire?
Do we have to sleep there?
Is it in the woods?

So MY question is this... why do they call sports camps CAMP? It's really an extra practice or something along those lines. The kids (well mine at least) were confused. Zack thought we were going camping with his soccer team. He definitely should have known better because my personal motto is "I don't camp!"

p.s. - first practice/camp session was yesterday. The kids had a great time and were actually LISTENING. Perhaps we need to find a stranger to coach them all. They certainly don't listen at regular practice that well. Oh and the parents had fun and Skyler has formed a posse of four year old little sisters of soccer players.

The Big Dilemma

Zack's tonsils are enlarged. Per advice from his dentist, I took him to see an ENT. The ENT agrees that his symptoms (enlarged tonsils, snoring, teeth grinding, raspy voice, possible sleep apnea) warrant removal, but at this point he said the decision was up to us. He's more likely to have more sore throats, strep, and tonsillitis as he gets older. The surgery is uncomfortable now, but will get increasingly more painful and riskier as he gets older. AAAHH! Don't you sometimes wish the doctor would just say "he needs this" or "he doesn't need this"?

We've asked a lot of other parents about their kids surgeries and whether they would do it again. Although Zack is dead set against it, I think we're going to do it. I'm thinking we'll wait until after the holidays though. I just don't want Z to go through what I've gone through in terms of having strep and tonsillitis several times per year. Hopefully we can avoid it all together. The other comforting factor for us came by way of a coincidence. When the doctor walked in the room, I thought he looked familiar, but blew it off. When we were discussing the surgery he mentioned that he does all the pediatric surgeries at the Children's Hospital. I said that we liked that hospital, that that was where we were when Skyler had the quarter removed from her throat. He asked who did the surgery and I said that I couldn't remember but for some reason I thought he looked familiar. Well, when I got home, I looked through our old records, and it WAS him. You'd think I would have recognized the name when I made Zack's appointment but I didn't. I just got an appointment with the next available doctor in a practice that a friend recommended. So anyway, I like the doctor and coincidentally he's operated on Skyler before.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Upside Down

Zack took Skyler and me on a date to the park on Monday. They spent most of the time hanging upside down:

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