Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Ramblings...

I couldn't sleep last night which means that I hit snooze a few too many times this morning. I jumped out of bed late, rushed to get ready, zoomed downstairs, got Zack snuggled on the couch and ran out the door. I pulled out of the driveway and look back at the front of the house and I see Skyler pressed against the door (glass), even through the frosty design (hate it) I could tell that she was in full scream. I pulled back in and scooped her up and gave her a quick snuggle. If either of them ever catches me sneaking out of the driveway, full melt-down happens and Matt's morning doesn't go so well. They could both sleep another hour in the morning, but they insist on getting up with me for a kiss and a hug :-) I got her calmed down and pulled out again.

As I pull to the end of the street, I have to finagle my car through the thronge of idiot teenagers that insist on standing in the middle of the street to wait for their bus. I'd like to run a few of them over, but I haven't yet. Anyway, WTF is with teenagers? There wasn't ONE in the group of 10-15 that was wearing anything that mildly resembled a coat. It's 35 degrees outside. I'm sure if Mom is reading this she's thinking that I was the same way, but really, some of them were in short sleeves. Do they not feel cold? Are goosebumps and hypothermia cool? Do they not make jackets that are attractive to the 12-17 set? I was fully bundled and inside my car and I was freezing. Maybe all those teenage hormones keep them warm?

My coffee cup is calling my name... Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Notes and Shots...

You want to know why I'm such a sucker of a Mom? Because my kids have their little fists around my heart. Zack has been SUCH a stinker lately. Last night I put him to bed and went downstairs. When I came up I found this note on my pillow:

Translation "I am sorry I been a brat. Zack"

How can you be frustrated at that? I just had to kiss his little face.

Aren't they just perfect when they're sound asleep?

Just when you are SO frustrated with them and they've pretty much pushed every button you have, they play the cute lovable card. I mean, he was THINKING about the fact that he'd been awful to me. I hadn't even said anything to him about it since dinner time. At least he gets it, even if it doesn't last 24 hours.

A Skylerism for today:
Matt took both kids for a flu shot this morning. He took them last year too and they did very well. He didn't tell them about it until they were in the car. Skyler said "Oh I remember that from last year, it didn't even hurt." So off they go and get ready for their shots.
Zack: Dad, I want Skyler to go first.
Dad: Big brothers are supposed to go first.
Zack: DAAAD, Ladies First?
Skyler: I'll go first but I want her to put it right on my dot (freckle)
{gets her shot, looks at the nurse like "is that all you've got"}
Nurse: Wow, you did great, you aren't even bleeding"
Skyler: No, but I still want the band aid.
Apparently band aids are a kids' version of a badge of honor. They don't care if they're bleeding or not, they need the band aid as a proof of their courage!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Ruined Life...

We had a quiet weekend but I managed to take a couple of videos which I'll post. Zack had basketball Saturday morning. We're really getting into it. He's an awesome shooter but doesn't move much when he's playing. The ball literally has to come right to him. Matt got a little frustrated so we went from the game to Dick's Sporting goods to get a new basketball - ours was really old and nasty from being left outside for two years.

While at Dick's Zack was excited to try the climbing wall again. The last time he tried it was two years ago (making him FOUR) and he's much taller/stronger now. Here's the video:

(I don't know if this will work, I had trouble uploading)

When we got home the boys hung out in the driveway shooting hoops until they got too cold. Zack is definitely excited to play with his Dad!

We watched Ocean's 13 that night. For some reason I always have trouble following these movies. There are so many characters and I can't get the volume loud enough to hear all the dialogue. It's only with this series though. If it were a book I'd have no trouble. I'm movie watching impaired. Give me closed captioning and I'm in heaven...

Sunday was another quiet day, laundry and puttering around the house. Zack got in some Guitar Hero. Check him out and check out Skyler next to him.

We had dinner later with Mike & Amy. We got to see all the new stuff they've put in the baby's room. They're almost ready! Now we just need a Baby Shower or two and they'll be good to go!

I interrupted posting this because I had to go pick Zack up. He was spending Monday with a friend since school was out for the day. Friend's dad called to tell me that Zack had thrown up but was probably fine. I went to get him anyway, thinking that that kid doesn't usually throw up unless he's really sick. We spent the afternoon watching movies and he was FINE. I had to run some errands so I brought him with me. After the first stop he asked when we were going to do something fun. I replied that he had watched movies with me that afternoon. He then replied that I had RUINED HIS LIFE! I shouldn't have picked him up. I should have come to check on him and then left him at his friends house so he could have FUN! This delightful attitude continued throughout the evening until he ended up in his room!

I spent the afternoon of movie watching sitting with the little monster and playing with CS3 on my computer. I haven't taken any pictures lately (sorry) so I messed around with some from November. I'm digging this vintage action I found.



Photobucket I can't get enough of this picture.

That's the last couple of days in a nutshell. What have you been up to?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friends & Skylerisms...

It's a wonderful feeling when you've got close friends and I'm especially grateful to have Mike & Amy and of course dearest husband Matt.

Matt was reading the blog last night to see what I had posted lately and he said that he gets such a kick out of reading my posts on funny things that Skyler says even when he was already there. We are so ammused by her humor even if that isn't what she was going for. She's a funny kid and always makes us smile.

For some reason the little munchkin is having a tough time with night time potty training. I guess that's what you get in return for a child who potty trains herself right when she turns two. You've got to pay your dues somehow. Anyway, she was doing okay for awhile and now she's had a bad week. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that if she wets the bed, she gets in our bed, buck ass naked. She gets a huge kick out of it too. "MOMMY, I slept in your bed last night, and I was nakey." I've tried to encourage her to just put other pjs on but she's having none of it.

Skyler: I know how apple juice is made.
Zack: with APPLES? (said in his best DUH big brother voice")
Skyler: and coffee (and nonchalantly walks away...)
I was standing there thinking WTF? That's Skyler, master of the random statement!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Old pictures bring a smile...

I came across this picture the other day:

The picture was taken more than 4 years ago at Matt's Mom's house. Zack was 2 1/2 and Sky was about 8 months old. I crack up whenever I see it because I so distinctly remember this moment. We had Skyler propped in that chair and Zack decided to sit with her. Every time he leaned back ON her she'd squeal with laughter, making him repeat repeat repeat. They had the absolute best time just sitting. Oh and look at what a little fatty she was! I love chunky babies!!

Look at them now!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I shock no one...

Why is no one surprised when I tell them that my dentist has determined that I grind my teeth and need to wear a night guard? Mike and Amy were at my house when I got home Friday evening and they just laughed and said "You? NOOOO!" Matt said about the same thing when he got home.

Okay, so I'm high strung in my sleep as well as when awake. I grind and clench my teeth and am causing myself a lot of problems, sounds a lot like what I do when I'm awake too.

I pick up my new sexy night ware on Friday. This should only add to my insomnia. Who can sleep with something in their mouth? I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Conversation with Zack (age six)...

Zack and I were chit-chatting last night.

Me: I remember the night you were born. I was so happy that you were my son.
Z: I am SO happy that I wasn’t girl.
Me: Oh yeah? Why?
Z: Girls are gross. Well, except my girlfriend.
Me: Who’s your girlfriend again?
Me: Oh sorry, it’s hard to keep track. She’s a cutie huh? Are there any cute girls in your school?
Z: No. Well…Yasmin, she’s in fifth grade.
Me: An older girl huh? Do you know her from after-care? Does she play with you?
Z: Yeah she’s in after-care. She doesn’t play with me she plays with Mya.
(long pause)
Z: Mya growed boobs, but not Yasmin.
Me: Yeah that happens to girls as they get older.
Z: (uncomfortably) Yeah, but let’s not talk about it anymore.

End of that conversation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Skyler has a little book reading project to bring home once every month. Last night was her turn. She has to read me a story (she already knows it word for word) and then she draws a picture in the book and I ask her some questions and write her answers down. She LOVES bringing home homework. She thinks she's such a big kid and runs right to the kitchen table to get hers done. Here's a little video. She was doing babytalk last night, I'm not sure why...

Zack's homework has now doubled in anticipation of entering second grade. They sent notes home telling us that that we would now have two assignments each night. Their regular homework and then the new project of really working on regular word recognition and fast reading a group of words. He's doing great. I try to really keep him motivated and praised because he HATES writing sentences. I do an internal groan everytime I see that as part of our (yes our) homework. Penmanship is not a strong point for my dear boy. It's hard for me to complain because mine was/is atrocious and he's a lefty to boot. The new Wii is a fantabulous motivator. Homework first...

Monday, January 14, 2008


Matt and Skyler take the best pictures together. This one is from the day we were taking our Christmas card pictures at the school park back in December. I haven't had any good outside light for pictures lately.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bball and a Skylerism...

Zack had his first baskbetball game today. We had so much fun. Although practices looked really chaotic and I didn't think the kids had a CLUE what the plays were that they were being taught - they all knew exactly what to do this morning. Zack's team won 12 - 10.

Tonight Skyler looked up at the sky and yelled "Hello WORLD, Skyler's here"! I have no doubt that she's going to take it by storm!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Betty Crocker...

Do your kids watch Nickelodeon? If so they've probably seen the below commercial about a thousand times. I have long wondered why they were choosing to market their product to kids. Now I know. My kids are obsessed with getting it:

Tonight Zack won the Thursday night shoot out again and earned himself $2.00 from his coach. He already had $5.00 from the last one. So we're riding home and out of the blue Skyler says, "Zacky if you have $5.00 and I have $5.00 we can get the Betty Crocker cake decorating kit". I'm just flabbergasted that that is at the top of their wish lists. Skyler even has plans for me to make her a Tinkerbell cake with it. Has she met me? Seriously, she's lucky if I can get my butt in gear to ORDER her a cake, forget MAKE one. They have been talking about this for MONTHS!

It's on sale at Target - maybe my little chef will get it for her birthday. I have kooky kids!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I don't have any new pictures to show, no new stories to tell, so I dug up an old one. I have an online friend from Greece named Nastia who's given name is Anastasia - I was speaking to her today and was reminded of a story from the night of Zack's birth.

We had just been told I was going to have to have a c-section because Zack was breech and we sort of resembled deer caught in headlights. It was the middle of the night and there must not have been anything else to do because things moved pretty quickly. People were in and out like lightning getting things done in preparation. At one point we were waiting for a few minutes and Matt looks at the woman closest to me and notices her badge. He says "Oh, Anastasia, that's a pretty name". She looked down at her badge, put her hand on his shoulder and said "Honey you must be nervous, that says ANESTHESIA. I'm your wife's anesthesiologist." It was really funny and 7 years later Matt still hasn't lived it down. I have to wonder how many times she's told that story - I know we've told it tons!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend in review...

We had a fairly quiet weekend here. Friday night Skyler and I went and got her haircut and had dinner together. I had sushi and she had McDonald's. She ate some of my sushi and really liked it - not enough to fill her up, but I'm thrilled she's so willing to try most new things. Matt and Zack were at the Admirals hockey game. They've made friends with the players and are now sitting in the family section and getting signed hockey sticks and stuff. Zack and his buddy Cameron don't love it half as much as Matt and his buddy Tom. What a bunch of little boys! They are giddy with knowing professional hockey players. It's sweet and a great thing for the four of them to be doing together! Saturday morning Zack's basketball league had a shooting contest to start off the season. Zack was adamant about NOT participating until he saw the girls of his age group go first and not only was it not painful but they looked like they were having fun! He may be like me in a lot of ways, but thankfully he's also like his Dad. I NEVER would have participated in something that had stands full of people watching me at that age.

Later that evening Mike & Amy came over for some Wii fun. It's MUCH more fun when you have four controllers. We played a bunch of games, tried ones we hadn't tried before, and stayed up way later than we usually do. Guitar Hero was a hit. Boogie was funny, but I think overall we gave it one thumb up. It's too bad you can't JUST do karaoke, you have to dance too. We also had fun with Mario Party 8 before the kids went to bed! Amy and Zack had a battle of wills and a battle over the controlling controller. Zack pouted but Amy won his respect afterall. On Sunday he told Skyler that Amy is really good at Mario Party 8. He never would have given that up on Saturday!

Sunday was a quiet day. We did errands and didn't take the tree down again. I just don't have the motivation to do it. Hopefully we don't have the damn thing up for Skyler's birthday in February!

Friday, January 04, 2008

My Wish...

Inspired by Rascal Flatts song My Wish. I love that song...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scrapbook layout

I'm going to try and scrapbook more frequently this year. Here's one I worked on yesterday!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

They're having a girl!

Matt's sister and her husband are having a girl! They found out on Christmas Eve. We're so excited to have another girl in the family! We can't wait to meet the little munchkin!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wii and more Skylerisms...

We've become a house addicted to Wii. We've all enjoyed playing all the games. I even played two myself and I'm not a video game person. Everyone has enjoyed Guitar Hero III, even me and I think it was Mario Party 8 that we were playing this morning. I played against Skyler - we're about the same speed. Zack acted as our coach. He gets a little frustrated at our lack of ability, sense of competition, and desire to kick the other person's butt. It's all fun though.

A couple of Skylerisms for you:

Driving home on Sunday:
Sky: Mommy, wanna do something really fun with me today?
Me: Sure honey, what do you want to do?
Sky: We could clean the house!
Me: Uh huh
Sky: OR I know, we could clean out the car! Can we Mommy, can we clean out the car when we get home?
Me: Sure Sky, if that sounds like fun for you!

Playing boxing with Daddy this morning:
Daddy: Put your fists up
Sky: Okay Daddy but don't hit my ankles
{funny looks by everyone, Sky rubs the tops of her hands}
Daddy: Oh, you mean knuckles. Those are your knuckles not your ankles.
Sky: Yeah, Daddy, don't hit my knuckles.

One last thing, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that each of you could spend time reflecting on what was wonderful about 2007 and what you'd like to make wonderful about 2008. It's a clean slate, a New Year, a new begining I always think...
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