Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flip Video

I got this cute little camcorder for Christmas.

It is SO convenient and worked so nicely until I went to upload the videos to my computer. I had so much trouble that I had to work with tech support from Flip Video. After trying a few things, they had me send it back and in less than a week, I got a new one in the mail. I'm so excited because this thing is so freakin cute. I'm hoping not to have any more trouble and I love that the tech support for this company was so responsive.

I got mine here.

Hopefully I'll have some videos of the kids to show you soon!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I did it...

I have made it through the crazy month of February and I am so relieved! Amy had two wonderful Baby Showers where we had so much fun ooohing and aaahhing over little tiny baby boy items. Skyler had a really fun 5th Birthday Party. I managed to attend all of Zack's basketball practices and games and have really come to enjoy kid sports. Matt's schedule changed so that he is now home at a reasonable time in the evenings and we are all adjusting to that. Having Daddy home for dinner makes for a nice family evening.

This weekend I plan to sleep and attack the disaster area that my house has become as I've ignored anything that didn't absolutely HAVE to get done. I've lost my nap partner though. Skyler conveniently remembered the "five-year olds don't have to take naps anymore" rule in our house. How am I going to look napping when there's no kid with me? Oh well, I need it even if those little bundles of energy don't.

Oh oh, and one last thing to mention - yesterday I got to meet an online friend for the first time. I got such a kick out of meeting, IRL, someone I talk to online all the time. Carolyn and her family were in town and we got together for breakfast. Skyler and their little girl Delia had a blast giggling at each other. Unfortunately, because it was the last day of my crazy month, we were a bit rushed and didn't get much time together. Hopefully there will be another visit!

I'm ready to tackle March!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm gifted in Procrastination...

So I'm procrastinating today... I have some forms to fill out and I'm choking.

Zack passed the first round of testing for the Gifted Resource program for Second Grade. The next step involves me filling out a questionnaire that asks for specific examples of how Zack thinks. Now if this didn't matter at all, I'd be able to tell you in detail how he thinks. On paper, all I can get out is "Zack is a good thinker". Okay it isn't that bad, but close.

The Gifted Resource Program gives kids who "think outside the box" or have an advanced method of thinking additional resources via a cluster group within their own classroom where they get instruction via alternate methods. I really want this for him, I just see it as being a fantastic benefit. It isn't designed for kids who are really good in math or who are superb readers, it's for kids who are advanced in HOW they think. I'm not one of them so I'm having trouble explaining it to you.

Suffice it to say, its one of those moments that matter and I feel as though I'm going to fail my boy. SO, I'm procrastinating. I work better under pressure.

Oh and we are SO proud. He has to take another test in March and then his file will go before a committee. Even if he doesn't get into the program, it's fantastic that he was identified, and again, we're just so proud!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Little Tiny Baby is FIVE...

I can't believe my youngest is FIVE today. She's been the baby for so long and now she's determined to be a big girl, lipstick and all. She was born at 9:03 in the morning and was 8lbs 3oz. The delivery team thought she was huge.

Five Years Ago:



Here is the most recent picture of her, I can't believe how big she is:

When I reminded her this morning that today is her birthday, she went right to the mirror and said "Oh, look how BIG I am!" She was sure she had grown overnight. I was cracking up as usual!

We're going to take the big girl out for dinner and cake tonight.

Now yesterday was President's Day and the kids got to spend the day out of school with Daddy. Last night we were talking about presidents and the only one she really knows is George Washington and was just so upset to know he was dead. I pulled up a list with pictures of all the presidents and we went over them in order and I commented on who was still alive and who was dead. She thought that was pretty cool. Later I tucked both munchkins into bed and settled down to wait to see who would be out first (it's always someone).

{Skyler wanders into my room}
Skyler: Mommy, I MISS George Washington (said with a pathetic sad voice)
Me: Oh, did you know him? (this is a new extreme on delaying bed time)
Skyler: I wanted to meet him before he died.
Me: Would you like to read a book about him if I get one from the library? Would that make you feel better?
Skyler: Yes Mommy.
Me: Now GO to bed!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Girl has a party...

Skyler's birthday party was this weekend. She had chosen to have her party at one of those pottery painting places. She invited her little buddies and they all had a great time on Saturday.

The place we chose went above and beyond for us. They did all the decorations and walked all the kids through painting their projects.

Skyler chose a Bratz cake and was SO excited when she saw it.

She got to make a plate with her hand print in the center and her friends' and families' thumb prints around the outside.


This was a new location for the owner. She was creating a wall of handprints of the birthday parties. Skyler was the first.

Opening presents:
Do you remember when I said that she wanted that Betty Crocker cake decorator? Well I found it on clearance at Target. She was SO surprised.

Photobucket I had to help her blow out her candles. Her first try barely made a little breeze.

All the kids had a great time and were excited to come back and paint again:

Her birthday isn't until Tuesday which caused some confusion for her. She kept asking me if she was five yet. I finally started saying yes. We're going to take her out to dinner on Tuesday and she's got a few packages coming in the mail from her loving Grandparents so she'll have a great birthday week!

Happy Birthday Baby!

PS - I forgot to post a Skylerism:
Skyler spills a cup of milk...
Skyler: SHIT
Me: WHaT? {I was laughing though}
Skyler: Can I say Shit?
Me: No that isn't a nice word.
Skyler: We aren't allowed to say shit?
Me: No. That's a naughty word.
Skyler: Oh, I won't say shit anymore mommy. Are you going to tell Daddy that I said shit? Because we don't say Shit. Shit isn't a nice word.

How do they figure out that by explaining it 30 times gives them the opportunity to SAY it 30 times?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't have big romantic dinner plans together. I think we're going to surprise the kids and take them to a movie. Going to dinner on Valentine's Day stresses me out. There are too many people and the wait is too long (am I becoming my Father?). The kids will get a kick out of having a date night in the middle of the week.

Yesterday was Zack's school's Book Fair Family Night. I get a little giddy for the book fair. I LOVE books. If my kids want books, I'm happy to buy. Zack's class got to go to the fair during the day and they were able to make their own little list. He was quite excited. I hope my love for books is rubbing off on my children. We ran through the puddles and the rain and got to the school with all the other parents and squished into the tiny library and my heart was just singing. The kids picked out four books each and were so pleased. I got a laugh when later Zack asked what we were going to do later that night. Uh, READ?

I hope you have a delightful Valentine's Day with someone you love!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dancing Girl...

Skyler's pre-school started something new last fall. They had a dance instructor for wee ones come in once a week and do a basic dance/gymnastics class. There haven't been that many kids that participate but she seems to like it. Yesterday was a day that parents could come in and watch a regular class. Of course I took my camera.

Before we talk about anything else, let me just show you a typical Skyler outfit:
That's a black leotard with pink camouflage leggings, and sneakers. They usually go barefoot but the floor has been pretty cold lately. She thought those shoes went perfectly with her outfit.
This is her teacher Ms. Gale:
Ms. Gale is pushing 60. I had never met her before and was asking Skyler about her. She told me that Ms. Gale is OLD.

Skyler: Mommy, she has fr-fi-fwinkles, what are those things on old people's faces?
Me: Wrinkles?
Skyler: Yeah, wrinkles. But MOMMY, we can't IRON her.



Skyler was tickled pink that I got to watch her class. Sometime in the spring they are going to do a little show. I'll try to take some video then.

In case anyone is wondering why I do so many posts with pictures of Skyler, and so few of Zack... When I take a picture of Skyler I get:


When I take a picture of Zack I get:
Photobucket or

He's SO not interested, way too busy, and way too cool to stop for a picture. I'll have to remember that answer when he comes out with the "you love my sister more than me" statement that all kids seem to land on sooner or later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend w/ pictures...

We had a busy weekend which was expected given what's going on this month!

Friday after work I got my hair cut, short! Skyler loved it, Zack HATED it and declared that I'm not allowed to change anything ever. I didn't really expect anything different from him. Zack and Matt went to the hockey game and Skyler and I had a girls' night with Amy. We had sushi, which Skyler loved, and shopped at our favorite place TARGET!

Saturday morning the loves let me sleep in since we had a 12pm basketball game. This was SUCH a fun game. The things they've been learning are starting to come together and the kids AND parents are having a wonderful time. That's Zack, number 8:


After the game I made the family run a ton of errands with me. See my previous post and just imagine all sorts of Baby Shower and Birthday Party errands. It wasn't until 3:00 that I wanted to kill the three of them. They did pretty good this time. We even made a stop at a local park:


Skyler had been begging Amy to have a sleep over so Zack and I dropped her off over there (click here for sleepover pics) and tried for a mother/son night. We walked the mall looking for slip-on Vans with flames which Zack's friend has but apparently do not exist in any shopping venue in our area. Later we went home and snuggled up to watch Scooby-Doo movies in Mom's bed. When Matt got home from another Hockey game we antagonized him by sending funny text messages to his phone. Oh we were also totally entranced by this contest on the Food Network of these pastry chefs who had to make wearable dresses out of chocolate. Pretty Cool!

Sunday was quiet. The boys played Wii. If Daddy won the game they were playing, Zack had to help clean the downstairs. If Zack won, he didn't have to help. Guess who won? Zack of course, anything to get out of manual labor. He high-tailed it to his room where he hates to be alone and waited it out. Mike, Amy, and Skyler came home for dinner. We got to have a nice big family dinner which we all miss doing!

All in all it was a great weekend. We all got to play, rest, eat, watch some movies, and enjoy each other's company.

Oh one more thing, Skyler is tying her own shoes before her brother. Zack can't be bothered because he likes his laces JUST so and he can't do it. He just cuts out the middle man instead of giving it a try and then having me fix them, he just has us tie them. But Skyler, my girl, is a super shoe tier.

Monday, February 04, 2008


When did February turn into "The Month of the Insane Schedule"? I can't quite figure out how so many events in my life conspired to all occur during the shortest month of the year, but they have. My calendar is jam packed and I get a little worked up if I can't find it. I am personally hosting/throwing/organizing two baby showers, a birthday party for a five year old, and a blood drive. I have eight friends/family with birthdays this month, two dentist appointments, 3 basketball games, 7 basketball practices, one basketball photo shoot, one book fair, and a multi-cultural home art project for Zack. YIKES! I don't even want to think of the fact that both kids' soccer practices will start before the end of the month. What I haven't marked in the calendar can't stress me out, right?

My address at the end of the month may be the local loony bin. I think Britney has the right idea!
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