Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do you ChaCha?

Recently an internet friend introduced me to ChaCha. It is an online service that is sort of like a text 411 for your cell phone. If you're out and about and want to know the score of the Red Sox game, text "What is the current score of the Red Sox game?" to 242242 on your cell and a human will respond with a text that has the score. If you have texting as a service on your phone, there is no charge, otherwise standard text charges apply. You can ask directions, ask what the weather is supposed to be like etc and so forth.

The fun part is that I signed on recently to be one of their "guides", one of the people that answers the questions. It's a lot of fun, all web based. You log onto their site and start taking questions and looking up answers. It's a neat way to make a little bit of extra money. If you're interested or want more info, email me at amanda dot molnar at gmail dot com and I'll give you the scoop!!! If you want to just sign up now, here's the link put me in the referral box and you can be on my team!!

Know what I like most about it? The name, ChaCha. That's what my niece calls me. It's Polish for aunt. Fun no?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Did you wear keds in the summer as a kid? Did you wear them without socks? Do you remember THAT SMELL?

Skyler has taken to wearing her favorite canvas kicks without socks. I was prepared for there to be some stink, and they have been less than delightful.

But last night Skyler sat on my lap with bare feet and I gasped and checked her feet to see if she had stepped in dog poop. They literally smelled like SHIT. You can't imagine the stench that came from these pretty little feet. I immediately threatened to throw the offending shoes away, of course she flipped out. She swore she'll wear socks, which she did later. When she took the socks off, they were brown and they STUNK. The only other thing she'll wear is flip flops and she can't wear those to school. I think these might accidentally get left at Grammy's house next week.

Sorry Grammy! If you leave them on your back porch they might keep stray animals away.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday! I have to say that the actual day sucked. I had a killer migraine. I was OH SO happy when Matt got out of school early at about noon. I went straight back to bed and slept another 4 hours. It didn't actually help the migraine but at least I was unconscious and couldn't feel it. When I got up Matt and the kids gave me flowers and cards and a gc to get a massage and had even made me an appointment at 7pm. It was fantabulous, definitely eased some of the tension from my headache.

Saturday was a much better day. The kids' friend Kyra had a birthday party at a bowling alley. While they bowled I got to catch up with all the Soccer Moms. That was fun. Then we raced home to catch the neighborhood block/pool party. I had expected it to rain so I didn't wear my bathing suit, but I soon had to run home because the rain clouds disappeared and it was H.O.T. All the neighborhood kids were in the pool, it was treacherous swimming. Joy, our hostess, also had hula hoop contests and the limbo. Zack lost a tooth in the pool. It was super duper loose and we had already agreed that if it didn't fall out on its own that day, I would pull it out while he was sleeping. This is Zack's preferred method of tooth loss. He will not do the deed himself, and will not let you do it while he's awake. You are, however, fully authorized to pull it out while he's sleeping. Anyway, it was hanging by a sliver of tissue and he hit it just right in the pool and it popped out in his hand. Here are some hula pics:



Later we had plans to go out for Sushi with Mike and Amy. Skyler asked where we were going and I said Kan Pai. She asked what kind of pie we were going to have. I had to laugh and tell her it was sushi not pie. She's such a funny kid! We had a great time at dinner. Our buddy Bruce sent over a bottle of our favorite, Nigori Sake, and a delicious little creme brule.




Later we went home for our other tradition of ice cream cake. Knowing the tradition, the kids waited up and helped us polish off MOST of the cake. I saved a hunk for breakfast on Sunday (I can do that because I'm the Birthday Girl).

That was that. I'm glad we did most of the celebrating on Saturday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

For those of you who weren't in the know, nine years ago today, Matt and I got married - for the first time. I can't even remember at this point who knows and who doesn't, it just doesn't seem to matter as much as it did way back then. Our families knew, and a small group of Navy friends knew, but I think that's it.

Matt and I were engaged and happily planning our wedding for March 18th of the next year. Matt was living in the barracks of the Navy base and I was homeless. Sounds funny, but REALLY I was. I had moved into my grandfather's house with my cousin back in June. Within days of our moving in, the entire house burned down due to some construction that was being done in the kitchen. I had just given the lease of my apartment to a friend, I couldn't live in the barracks, living at home wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs. I had luggage in my car and would spend a night here and a night there. I was also traveling for work so it was really wearing on me, this living out of suitcases.

In July Matt and I started talking about how if we were married the Navy would put us up in Navy housing. We were getting married anyway, what was a few extra months? My concern was that I still wanted my wedding. I didn't want people to think less of the event because we were technically already married. I envisioned it becoming less special. So we decided to tell our families and only our Navy friends who would know anyway and keep everyone else in the dark. (Oh we had to tell the priest at St. Mary's too - that was interesting).

So one weekend I shot this at my mother "uh, I'm on travel next week, I'll be home on Friday night, we're getting married on Sunday, do you and Dad want to come?". blink blink blink Followed by my rapid explanation of the why and the where. I'm sure they weren't happy about it but I wasn't exactly easy to live with so I'm guessing they went along with it partially to get me out of the house ;-)

I distinctly remember Matt calling his Dad and Al thinking that we must be pregnant. I'm guessing after that initial realization - it was all good from there.

SO a week or so later, on Sunday July 18th, we got married on a hill overlooking the ocean in Kittery, ME. My parents were there, a small selection of our Navy friends were there as our witnesses, and it was really short and sweet.

After all that anxiety we didn't move into Navy housing until the following November, but that's okay. We were married and happy and planning our wedding.

SO - to my dear husband, I love you and wish you a Happy First Ninth Anniversary!

45 minutes at the beach...

Photobucket What happens when you throw wet sand at your big brother? Anyone?

Revenge and actual sand tears... Did anyone besides Skyler NOT see that coming?

The waves were pretty rough yesterday so the kids just rolled in the sand.

Which in a short time resulted in this:

And this:

I was itchy and scratchy just looking at them. It was matted in their hair, eyelashes, crevices, everywhere! And while we're on this subject, can anyone tell me WHY bathing suit manufacturers don't sew up that little pocket in the crotch of girls' swimsuits? That thing FILLS with sand and well, that's just not comfortable.

All that fun is short lived when you've got a butt crack full of sand so we didn't stay long, dragged all our beach crap to the showers and had al fresco towel curtain showering which my little nudists thought was hysterical. Just think for a minute what my car looks like today? We brought a good chunk of the beach home with us.

You know who had a great time at the beach?
Nate! He loves his snuggly and he just chilled watching the nutty big kids.

All in all, I'm not sure the 45 minutes we spent at the beach was worth all the effort but it was a good picture opportunity and that makes Mommy happy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skyler and I had a photo session in the front yard yesterday. I was taking pics of some of my flowers that are alive (most don't make it far enough to flower) and she confiscated my camera.




Wanna see what I'm growing? I'm so excited.

It's an itty bitty newborn baby zucchini! Isn't she cute? She has a brother.



That's about it for things that look healthy and alive. My roses aren't currently blooming and my hydrangeas are past. I killed another couple of clematis plants - WTF? They just do not like my yard. I'm going to have to stick to roses - they grow well. Next summer Matt is going to build me a garden box. Then I'm going to go all veggie farmer and make my kids eat them HAHAHAHAHAAA!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google Search "Chastity Belt"...

We've had a bit of trouble connecting lately, especially at dinner time. Matt's working some wonky hours so he's really tired in the evenings and the kids would rather be outside playing with their friends than sitting at the dinner table with their parents. Much to their dismay, I have cooked a sit down meal two nights in a row. It's almost painful for me so I don't know why I do it. The whining is annoying, getting them to help set and clean up is annoying, listening to the bickering is annoying. If it weren't for Skylerisms such as the following gem, I'd just send them outside with a PB&J sandwich until school starts.

(while buttering her biscuit for the 4th time)

Skyler: "I wish I was covered in butter and could dance"

Uh, WHAT? This will be Matt and I me (GASP. What if Amy had caught that?) in a couple of years (like 2010).

Oh and I had a chat with the daycare director yesterday. Apparently the sweet little sister that we know and love at our house is a bit of a Bossy Gillis as soon as she leaves our property. We had no idea. Just yesterday she was sent to the office for smacking a boy upside the head (Zack, the tattler reporter, says she likes him) and another parent complained that they didn't like the way she was bossing their child around and telling him where to go and when to do so. I was shocked. She's just not like that at home. The director was equally shocked when I described OUR Skyler.

We're doomed. She's so the child leaving the house in her uniform and changing into a mini-skirt, tube top, and painted make-up as soon as she gets to school. Her Kindergarten teacher should LOVE her!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Skyler and I are babysitting tonight, I'm sure she's convinced that I can't do it on my own. So, we're driving to Mike & Amy's and when we go over the steel bridge it makes that bridge humming sound. Skyler says "I don't like when the bridge does that" and I replied "when I was little there was a bridge near my Grammy's house that made that noise. That's how we knew when we were almost there". Skyler, "Oh Mommy, that's SO cute!". She's such a little old lady patronizing me with my stories. That bridge is gone now, sniffle sniffle.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The boy child!

When I walked in the door yesterday afternoon Zack said "There's my lovely Momma". Damn that kid gets me. He learns from his Daddy! He's going to have the girls beating down the front door. I'm not going to let them have him. He's all MINE!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


SQUEEEEEEE! Swistle commented on my blog!!! She's like, famous in the blogosphere!

HI Swistle (WAVING like a lunatic)!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


That's what Matt heard yelped from upstairs as he happily sat watching the Red Sox game last night. At least I think he was happily watching the game, did they win? Hold on. Shit, they lost, so he wasn't HAPPILY watching the game, but he was downstairs okay? I was dreaming and apparently in my dream I needed help. I can't remember why now. Someone was probably chasing me, that's how it usually goes. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I could even call out in a dream. Since I was little I had dreams where someone was chasing me and I couldn't yell. I can think of two occasions (although there are more) in which I've actually shouted out loud, last night and one other, which in retrospect wasn't scary but still makes us laugh. I think I was pregnant with Skyler and I was dreaming that there was a crane on the bed. A whooping crane. You'd whoop too if there was a crane on your bed. HAR HAR HAR. Anyway, where was I? Oh THIS:

was on my bed and apparently I shouted out. Matt woke me up and I got up to, probably pee, I was pregnant, and as I came out of my sleepy fog I started cracking up and had to tell Matt that I was dreaming of birds on our bed. Yeah he still brings that up from time to time.

WHAT is my point? I have no idea. So that happened. Here are some Fourth of July pics:

It was sort of stormy, not as warm as usual, the kids were whiny, and it ended up raining which was actually beautiful. EH, it doesn't get into the top ten of Fourth of Julys but it happened.

Oh, who thinks this is a good idea?

Yeah I didn't really either, but we're not exactly the poster parents for things you SHOULD do in a pool.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Do you have anything fun planned to celebrate the birth of our nation? We're hoping to do what we always do and head to Amy's Aunt's Friend's house. Hee hee hee, nothing like making a nuisance of yourselves once a year. We'll do the beach and jet ski thing again. Skyler is hoping that this year she'll be big enough to go out on the jet ski too. She was just too small for the life jacket last year. I'm not entirely sure she'll go anyway, but at least maybe she'll try.

We don't have anything else planned for the rest of the weekend. I'm hoping to get a nap in - I love a good nap! I was using the kids as a nap excuse for a LONG time but they've outgrown me. They won't come anywhere near my room on a weekend afternoon for fear that I'll demand that they snuggle with me.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'll have pictures to share later!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yay for old friends...

You're all familiar with facebook, myspace, classmates, etc. and so on ad finitum? Have you found any long lost friends? Caught up with an old classmate? Made snarky comments about the pictures in someone's profile? Fun no? This week I found an old friend that I had sort of forgotten about.

I used to work at Salomon North America, the ski company, before they were bought by the giant adidas. I worked with an amazing group of young sporty types. We were encouraged to ski, snowboard, inline skate and hike. If we didn't know how to do any of those things, odds were your co-worker did and was willing to show you. My best buddy Mike taught me how to skate which I'm sure was no easy task. After Salomon moved to Portland OR, Mike moved on to another opportunity in Colorado and I moved on to get married and start my family. We lost touch and now it's been 9 years.

Last week I was searching through facebook's "Salomon" group and there was my old friend. We messaged back and forth, were happy to get reacquainted, and eventually came to this question: "How come we lost touch?"

Good Question. Why do we lose touch with people we are still happy to speak to? You forget to return a phone call, life gets busy and before you know it ten years have gone by and you don't even know where that person IS anymore. I'm sure I'm guilty of it with more than just this example. I'm thrilled to be back in touch with Mike and I can think of at least one other friend that I need to step up the contact with or I'm sure to lose touch with her as well.

I'm off to send a heartfelt email, can you think of anyone that's slipped from your life?
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