Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zack is thankful...

Last night Zack said:

"Mommy, this afternoon we all stood around in a circle and said what we were thankful for. When it was my turn I said I was thankful for my Mom! The other kids were thankful for their video games. I'm a little bit thankful for those, but mostly thankful for you!"

AH! That kid can just wrap me right around his finger I tell you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I recently downloaded some free quick pages from After 5 Designs Blog and thought I'd share with you what I did with them.

That's Amy whom I talk about all the time!

Oh and I'd like to report back about Ashley's suggestion to my whining about my chapped lips on Friday. She suggested Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Lip stuff. I picked up two on Saturday. I got one medicated and one not. I used them both all weekend and lurrrve them! I prefer the non-medicated but I think the medicated one works better and it's got some of that eucalyptusy thing going on that probably helps if your nose is runny. I've got one in my pocket and one beside my bed. Now if I can just keep Skyler's little paws off of them I'll be in good shape. She has an entire DRAWER full of various lip products, you'd think she was a 15 year old girl. So, thanks for the recommendation Ashley. You saved my chapped icky lips!


$1.58 per gallon. I shit you not.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skyler, my goofy kid...

I walk in the living room, where Skyler is sitting, and the last scene from Overboard is playing.

Me: Skyler what are you watching?
Sky: Uh, I don't know. But I like it.

A few minutes later, she walks up to me with her hand outstretched. "Mom, look at this booger." What about being five (and under) makes you want to share your boogers?

What is wrong with that kid? She's an odd one I tell you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random stuff...

It's been snowing off and on here all day. The locals in this mid-atlantic state are freaking out. Seriously? I've lived here for five years. I'd be surprised if it has snowed a total of five times, only two of those times did it stick. Only one of THOSE times was it there the next day. SO, I'm not sure what all the fussing is about. They act like they're going to get snowed in. SO not going to happen.

Do your lips ever get chapped and cracked in the corners? It's seriously awful. First of all for some reason you end up with white crusty stuff that makes you look like you're foaming at the mouth. Because you're worried about the white crusty stuff you keep rubbing and licking the corners of your mouth which makes them more chapped. Wash Rinse Repeat FOREVER! It's not looking good for the winter if we're starting this shit already. I'm putting tons of Burt's Bees lip balm on it. Got any other ideas?

I'm going to see Twilight tonight with Amy and her book club. I'm sort of torn about it. I liked the book series but didn't LOVE it, I did a lot of eye rolling, but I'm a cynical bitch. I also have a bit of crowd phobia/anxiety and the movie just opened today and is sure to attract mobs of teenagers. Normally I wouldn't go but Amy and I don't get much time to do girly things without the kiddos so I jumped at the chance. Amy bought our tickets last week so we're good there. I'll probably have a great time, right?

Oh I know what I've been meaning to tell you. Are you getting ready to print your Holiday Photo Cards? Log in at ArtsCow and get TONS of free prints. I'm not sure how they do it, but I'm game for free stuff. From what I've heard they've got great quality and offer really great discounts. I haven't heard anything bad yet. Keep it in mind for those hundreds and hundreds of holiday pictures you're going to print!!! I'm planning on uploading a bunch this weekend. I'm still working on the Holiday Card. I might make the little punks do another photo shoot.

That's it - I'm about to head into the terrible frozen tundra *eye roll* If you don't hear from me in a few days, send out a rescue team mkay?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another form of children torturing their parents...

This is the time of year when the kids and I torture each other with the task that is Holiday Card Picture taking. For example:

Me: Zack, put your hands on your sister's shoulders
Zack: NO, I don't want to touch her
Me: She's not POISONOUS you can put more than just your fingers on her.
Zack: It's GROSS.

This particular session didn't provide a picture that I'm happy with which means the torture continues. I guess Ashley will get hers out first again this year (HI ASHLEY!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Delicious Family Day...

Weekends are Family Days to my kids, as in "How many Family Days until we go back to school?" Yesterday was such a delicious day. We enjoyed each other so thoroughly!

I woke up realizing that neither child had yet to climb on me or beg me for some service like getting them something to drink. I was immediately confused as to what time it was as neither of them lets many waking breaths go by without climbing in bed with me. I looked at the clock and realized it was 11:30. "ELEVEN THIRTY! IT'S ELEVEN THIRTY! WHERE ARE THE KIDS?" Matt was awake and laughed answering "I think they're cleaning Zack's room". At this point I started pinching myself. I slept until 11:30, no one woke me up, ZACK was cleaning his room and SKYLER was helping him? Confused and disoriented doesn't begin to describe how I felt. The kids heard me screeching for reality and hollered that I couldn't come look at what they were doing until they were finished. At that point I felt better, convinced that they were using my permanent paints on the carpet or something else more normal than room cleaning for a five and seven year old. Eventually we had a delightful bout of wrestle and tickle where we determined that Zack is going to be strong enough to kick my ass in about two weeks. We could see that it was a beautiful day and got everyone dressed and headed out for lunch and some play time at the park.

Spontaneous affection! I didn't even have to ask for this pose.

"You get one picture."

Awww, nice.

"Seriously Mom, that was the LAST one!"

After the park we ran some errands and then Mike, Amy & Nate came over for dinner. We got to visit and finally give Amy her bday present. Skyler did a funky dance for Nate which he loved. Before I knew it it was 9:00 and I was yelling at kids to get upstairs to bed. I hadn't even noticed the time. Amy laughed saying that I usually kick them out much earlier. For the record, I've only kicked them out ONCE. ;-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parent Hell...

I spent this morning in the special parent hell that is Chuck E. Cheese. I always do an internal groan when one of the kids gets an invitation to there. The thing is, they freakin love the place and are happy as pigs in poop the whole time they're there. SO, I endure it. Well really, I usually send Matt but he deserved a break so I took this one. The reason I wanted to go was so I could meet Skyler's friend's Mom. The invitation she wrote was so perfect! Matt even asked if I wrote it. He said it sounded just like me. I did enjoy meeting her and just so you can see what I mean here is what she wrote:

M's Mom, K, extends you a special invitation to relax for two whole hours while I entertain your kids for free. Yes, I'll endure the torture chamber that is Chuck E. Cheese this Saturday, Nov 15th so you can have some "you" time. Go shopping, read a book, or just enjoy the absolute silence. (It does actually exist!)

Don't worry, I'll have help keeping an eye on all the munchkins and plenty of tokens, pizza, prizes, and sugar to keep them at bay.

I do hope your little ones can make it. (P.S. Parents are welcome to stay and share in the bad pizza, creepy mouse and screeching children but I say, "Leave me behind - save yourselves!")

I stayed and enjoyed the Mommy chat. But seriously, what's with the creepy mouse and horrible pizza? Does anyone actually like either of them?

Friday, November 14, 2008


I've been tagged by Quirky Mom

The full rules are at the bottom of my post, but basically you list seven random things about yourself and tag seven bloggers to do the same.

Seven randoms about me:

1. I am right this minute watching Whale Wars with my family. We're all a bit in awe of their, um, some would say bravery, some would say stupidity.

2. I've lived in four countries and six states.

3. My favorite color is blue.

4. I'm afraid of swimming in dark water such as a lake or the ocean. I can handle going into the ocean up to my shoulders, then I get a bit skeered.

5. The last movie I saw in theaters was High School Musical 3.

6. The last book I read was New Moon, book two of the Twilight Series. I didn't love it but will probably still read the next two books in the series.

7. I hate blow drying my hair, but have to.

Now, here's who I tag:

1. Amy at One Day at a Time
2. Stacie at Big Stacie
3. Lashelle at Coastie Family
4. Whimsy at the creamery
5. Swistle at Swistle ;-)
6. Gwen at Everything I Like Causes Cancer
7. Elfie at Life in a Small Town

And now, for the seven of you, here is your mission:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Tag seven people and list their links in your post.
4. Tell those seven people by commenting on their blog.

Have a great weekend!

Soccer Mom takes a bow...

The Soccer party went well last night. I had a bit of trouble with the venue that I had arranged but I gave them the "I just brought thirty customers into your otherwise empty business and I arranged this with the owner two weeks ago so you should have called me if there was a problem" face and all was fine. It was one of those enormous jumping places. The kids jumped themselves nutty until their little faces were red and dripping and they were gasping for breath. One of the highlights of this particular place is that they have a blow-up fight arena of sorts. Matt's entire soccer team, that's 12 5-year olds, got in there and attacked him. They thought it was the greatest thing since half-time snack. Thankfully Zack's team didn't notice as 12 7-year olds is an entirely different adversary! After all the jumping we gave them trophies and hopped them up on cake sugar and sent them home.

That's it, I'm done Soccer-Momming until March. *hangs up Soccer Mom cape*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm back...

I know I know, I'm a total blog posting slacker this week. I just am finally coming out of the fog that is my virus populated body. Two weeks and I'm starting to feel a bit better. Sunday night, after spending the weekend basically sleeping, I gave Matt the pathetic face and asked him to take me to the doctors. Thankfully we have a Patient First around here that has hours on Sundays until 10pm. In the end they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me besides a "nasty virus". They tested me for strep and flu and checked my white blood count but... nothing weird showed up. The doc offered me a Z-pack which when I'm thinking rationally makes not sense for a virus but I was pathetically willing to try anything and I AM prone to getting a sinus infection right after a cold anyway. SO - I took the Z-pack and the decongestant and the inhaler and went on my miserable way. Perhaps it's working, perhaps it takes my immune system two weeks to wake the fuck up. Anyway, I'm on the mend.

The kids got their report cards on Friday. Zack pulled through with his writing and got rewarded with a new video game. We were pleased that he responded to the carrot we dangled in front of his eyes.

Skyler is LOVING Kindergarten. Her behavior in class has been stupendous and she's always chattering about what she's learning. It's amazing when these little people who have learned most everything from you leave the house in the morning and come home knowing more. Their minds are like sponges and it's so amazing and prideful to watch and participate in. Skyler also loves the time we spend together doing her homework. She's reading now and seems so proud of doing the same reading exercises that she's watched her brother do for the past two years. I like that each grade in their school builds on the same practices.

I'm off to play Soccer Mom one last time before we're done for the year. I should be back in my sick bed by tomorrow after organizing a party for thirty soccer kicking wee ones. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 07, 2008


Do your kids have a lovie? An object that soothes them when they're tired, upset, or irritable? Over the years my kids have always had a lovie but it's changed over time for each of them.

Skyler has always preferred a blankie. Something ultra-soft to the touch that she could rub on her face and wrap around her. There have been three that have won that superior position of favorite and they've each had a name. First there was Purple which she got as a baby and was a favorite until one night when it went missing and I ran to Target to replace it but they no longer sold the purple one, the offering was now pink. I was convinced she would reject it but Pink was accepted happily. Purple turned up eventually and for a long time she would be happy with either of them. As she got bigger she moved to carrying around Big Purple which was a minkie blanket made by Grammy and was a larger size to cover her more completely. Now, she still likes something soft near her face, but she's not real picky, any soft animal or blankie will do. Purple, Pink, and Big Purple are still kicking around but there isn't a panic if one of them can't be found. She's easy.

Zack on the other hand has always clung to a stuffed animal. The animal has changed a couple of times over the years, but his was a more urgent need than Skyler's. There were tears if it was missing. There were frantic searches and never a night slept without it. Honestly his attachment started with the bottle and when that was finally ripped from his nighttime clutches at age two he became attached to Bear. Bear was a stuffed animal of mine that was dressed as a Christmas Elf. Zack was happy with him for about two years until he became attached to Starfish, and shortly after that Nala, the little female lion from The Lion King. THEN there was Zebra.
Zebra has been a part of the family. He has held an honored position in Zack's room, and comfort zone for years now. He's gone through surgery with Zack and his own surgery to replace stuffing. He's looking worn and ragged, but oh so well loved which is why I was more than a little shocked and quite a bit sad last night when Zack announced that he didn't want Zebra anymore. I'm not sure why my reaction was so strong but he really shocked me. I honestly think that Zack is disappointed that Zeeb (as he is affectionately called) is looking pretty ragged and isn't so soft any longer. I'd say he's growing up but can tell that he still needs a comfort item, he's still an emotional kid. I encouraged him to spend one more night with Zebra and decide in the morning, convinced he would forget all about it. Not so much. This morning, Zack handed Zeeb to me and said I could have him.

Why do we as parents get so upset when they give up something that is such a symbol of their emotional childhood? Are we afraid that soon they won't need us any longer either? I'm sure that's part of it. I know that I will keep Zebra and cherish him and all the memories of he and Zack sitting in my lap and snuggling or crying or laughing. Zack still needs his Mommy but someday I have a feeling it will be just Zebra, Purple, me and our memories...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Daytime television...

One thing about being home sick, you catch a lot of daytime television between naps. So far today, Samuel L. Jackson made me cry on Ellen and Will Smith made me cry on Oprah. I love watching all these tales of hope and inspiration. I hope others are feeling the same way!

Heading back to bed...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've been in bed sick with a terrible chest cold so I've sort of given myself a computer/internet ban. I did want to pop on and say how THRILLED I am that Obama won last night and how moving I thought his speech was. I'm officially wiped out on politics. I'm glad it's all over.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My pics hit the Huffington Post!!!!!


I wrote in to the Huffington Post and they posted my pics and comments:

Huffington Post Pics

First Tuesday in November...

I did it. I popped right out of bed at 5:10 this morning ready to cast my ballot for President. The first thing I heard was the pounding of raindrops. This was going to be fun. I woke Zack up and gave him the option of coming with me, hoping that he'd rather stay in bed. I figured he might be difficult to entertain especially when he told me that his Nintendo DS battery was dead. He hopped out of bed and was in good spirits so we grabbed two umbrellas and made a quick stop at WaWa for coffee and a donut. We got to our polling place and immediately noticed the long line of umbrellas wrapped around the school it was only 5:40.

Surely some of these people had been here longer than an hour. We later found out that the first were in line at 4:30. When the doors opened they were in and out in a flash.

When we got to the head of the outside line, the volunteer at the door, a large African American woman, grabbed Zack in a big bear hug and asked him if he was voting. He was shocked but got a kick out of her enthusiasm. I stood chatting with her for a few minutes. She told me that the workers today were not volunteers, they were paid $150 for their work. They had to stay from the opening of polling to the closing, not matter how long it took they were committed to the duration. I assumed they'd have them in shifts but she said that they're too afraid that the next shift wouldn't show so they have people commit AT LEAST 13 hours. I'm guessing it's a lot more than that once all is said and done. I thanked her for being there today.

We next got in line for our section of the alphabet. Of course, this was the longest line. People who were far behind us outside were now WAY ahead of us and even voting already. This was the longest part of our wait but people were jovial and chit chatty and just generally nice. No one discussed who they were voting for. No one had on any campaign affiliated attire. It was as though we were all just gathering to stand in line and drink coffee. I did have some time to contemplate how sad I am that Obama's grandmother died yesterday. She was ill so I hope that she got to cast an early ballot sometime in the previous weeks. Perhaps she died happy knowing that she had done that, voted for her grandson for President. How often does one get to do that in life?

Once we received our swipe card we got in ANOTHER line but this one was quickly moving. Zack was reminded several times not to touch the voting machines which he promised not to do. When I got to the machine I quickly showed Zack what I was doing and read the ballot with him. When we got to the third page and "cast ballot" he and I looked at each other and winked. I pressed the button and we high fived. Several people waiting in line laughed with us. We walked out at 7am. One and a half hours wasn't so bad.

I really enjoyed showing my son how the process works and hope to teach him a life-time appreciation of the right to vote and what that means. He was interested in the process and wasn't his usual self that hates to wait.

I'm wearing my "I Voted 2008 Presidential Election" sticker proudly today! I hope you go get yours!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Health Insurance...

McCain's Senior Economic Advisor on McCain's Health Plan:

Younger, healthier workers likely wouldn't abandon their company-sponsored plans, said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain's senior economic policy adviser.

"Why would they leave?" said Holtz-Eakin. "What they are getting from their employer is way better than what they could get with the credit."

Hmmmm.... Sounds bogus to me.

Halloween Candy...


Once again I get the Mommy Dunce Cap. I didn't get a single picture of my kids on Halloween. DOH! In my defense, the little boogers move a lot faster these days.

Friday afternoon I picked up my two monkeys and one of their friends and headed home to prepare for TOTing. We were having friends over to join us so I ran around the house picking up while they played Wii and otherwise terrorized each other. I shouted repeatedly for my two to find their costume pieces while Matt ran out to get the much needed (??) beer for he and the guys to drink while they sat with the fire pit in the driveway. All of a sudden, it was still daylight, and kids started showing up to TOT. My kids got all excited and ran for their costumes. Door bell rang. Friends showed up with dinner. Door bell rang. More friends came in. Door bell rang. My kids wanted to GO NOW. And the camera was just left. Not a picture was taken. Skyler's little friend came with us and her mother who is scheduled to give birth to twins this coming Wednesday TRIED to keep up but her waddle was no match for a pack of 5 and 7 year olds. She was left in the dust of candy hunting (some would say feral) costumed wee ones. We made it up and back one street but as I do not have "the whistle" I had to call in the big guns, aka MATT, to finish off the night. The moms retired in front of the fire pit to hand out candy and make smores. When the pack came back they gorged on straight sugar and topped it off with melted sugar in the form of toasted marshmallows. Eventually Matt decided to tell ghost stories which later resulted in Skyler sleeping all night much like a baby koala bear would, with both arms wrapped around my neck. I just never got to take a picture. It was an action packed night. Skyler eventually begged me to take her to bed and Matt and Zack watched the fire die down, sitting together talking about the stars.

It was actually a pretty fun night.

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