Thursday, May 28, 2009

Short and Sweet...

I got through surgery okay. Things are healing just as they should be. One handed typing has become the bain of my existance so I just keep the computer off. My iTouch is slightly easier and keeping me in limited contact with the world.

I'm slower than slow getting around, can't get comfy enough to sleep, and have had at least one horribly cranky day.

That's the latest. What's new with you? Entertain me!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm going to miss you...

Tomorrow is Shoulder Surgery Day. I'm having a labral tear repaired. I'm not sure when I'll be able to easily type again so I thought I'd say "See Ya" for a little while. Hopefully I'll be back with an update before too long. I'm also hoping that getting this surgery over with will jolt me out of the funk I've been in. I'm sure I'll have loads of deliciously fun stories to tell, like how about that time when they cut my shoulder open and it hurt a lot and I was allergic to almost all pain medications? Wasn't THAT fun?

I'm expecting the blogosphere to keep me entertained by providing lots of humorous posts as I plan to be surfing the internet from my big blue recliner. I may not be able to type but I can left mouse with the best of them!!! Did I mention I'm right handed? BLECH!

Wish me luck!

We couldn't have had more fun in the rain if we tried...

This weekend was the first time Zack's soccer team, the Thundercats, has participated in a tournament. They were finally old enough to join in on the end of year tournament that their rec league sponsors. It's also the first time that they've played keeping score, and played to win.

We had two games on Saturday. The first was won 2-0. They had some decent competition but it wasn't too terribly hard for them. The second game was played against a VERY good team. We were down 5-0 after the first half.It started pouring BUCKETS of rain at half-time. Thankfully, it was warm, fun, we-can-play-in-this rain. Most of the parents had large umbrellas and we were having such a fantastic time hooting and hollering and cheering that no one seemed to mind. It was an intense battle but there was no more scoring in the second-half. We lost the game, but fought hard.

Sunday dawned rainy and a bit cooler. We packed up all our rain gear and planned to battle another team expecting to meet the team from game two in the finals in the afternoon. It didn't help that Skyler woke up with the pukies. She was doing semi-okay so we dragged her out with us, poor kid. To make it to the finals, we only needed to tie. It was a no scoring game until the last quarter. The Thundercats scored with two minutes left to go and won the game. It was raining, cold windy nasty rain. We hooted and hollered and congratulated them and then ran for the cars.

What a team effort. They all played SO hard and were such fantastic sports. I wouldn't be a Mommy if I didn't mention that that last shot, that won the last game, was from Zack. I was pleased because he felt redeemed. He might have been the one to let more than a few of those shots in the second game get by him and into the goal. He was feeling a bit blue about that but perked right up after he got that last goal to send them to the final game.

We ran home to change into dry clothes and eat lunch and then got the call that the fields were swamps now and the final games were being called. Based on current standings, we got second place. The kids were really happy with that and felt that it was fair as the other team really did earn first place.

Next season, as they move up in the league, every game will be like this. The parents aren't sure our hearts can take it. We were jumping and smacking our foreheads and groaning and clutching our hearts and cheering as if we were watching the World Series!

If you've stuck around long enough to see a few pictures, Zack is the kid in the blue shirt, red socks. Round about shot 130 there are some fantastic rain pictures.

Grosgrain: Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! Custom Sized!

Grosgrain: Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! Custom Sized!

I just found another adorable blog that I'm loving on right now, Grosgrain. She's having a Give Away contest. Go check it out!

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Musical Debut...

Last night Skyler had her Kindergarten musical debut. She was so flippin' adorable and excited and giggly! We had fun dressing her up and doing her hair. She insisted on a little squirt of perfume, a new color on her toe nails, and a bit of mascara on her lashes. Diva much?

I only had to give THIS guy the stink-eye (which has a whole new hilarity factor after reading this post from my new favorite blogger) a couple of times.

She took her bow and then we had to hie-tail it out of there to meet Matt's cousin for dinner. We had such a truly fantastic time sitting and catching up. We hadn't seen Dori since August 2007 when we were all at a wedding together. To say we didn't get much time to chat then is an understatement. Last night we sat on the deck of a great sea food place and watched the lighting light up the water and just chatted. The kids were fairly good for the late hour. We're hoping that Dori and Max and Baby Ella will get to visit again soon as they were only in town for 24 hours.

I snapped just a couple of pictures but didn't really get any good ones. Here's a shot of the carnage. Both Zack and Skyler tried oysters. Zack liked them, Skyler didn't. I've got great little seafood eaters! Baby Ella ate lemons and pickles and loved the heck out of that combination! Clearly her taste buds haven't fully formed LOL.

The night ended way too late and way too soon at the same time. Matt would have loved to sit and chat all night but as we all know, Skyler turns into a pumpkin at 8:30 and it was about an hour past that. She was all melty and whimpering. Divas need their beauty sleep you know!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Matt had a day off last week and he and his BFF/Boyfriend ;-) built me a garden box. I'm SO excited because all my little seedlings are ready for some real garden soil.

Yes I started them all off in Dora the Explorer paper cups. They are very happy there.

This is my new garden box.

It's 4x8. We started off small. Let me tell you why! My busy body have nothing else to do neighbors ALL said that vegetable gardening just encourages the local pests to come and that they had all tried and failed. WELL. I have cats. My cats like to chase pests. I've never once seen a live pest-like animal in the almost five years I've lived here. My neighbors hate that I let my cats out at night. I don't know why, my neighbors all go to bed when the sun goes down, so when they see the cats is beyond me. BUT I am convinced that my protector cats will guard my garden and allow my veggies to flourish. All of you blog readers who are snickering and thinking "it's more likely they'll use it as a litter box" need to get on my positive vegetable gardening thought band wagon Tout de suite!

Skyler and I planted the baby veggies already. I just didn't get a picture. I have to work on a trellis for the beans and peas next.

Here are some other goings ons in my yard.

This stuff took off like crazy this year and really filled in in the front of my house. It's viny and really pretty.

Buddha keeps an eye on things.

This hot mess is the first rose bush I ever planted which is now a rose tree. It is combined with something else I planted there two years ago and just this year it decided to grow. The problem is that I can't remember what I planted. I'm thinking something like a lilac or other bushy-tree-flower. We'll have to wait and see.

For THREE years I tried to grow clematis. Each year the damn things shriveled up and died. I gave up. I hadn't even cleaned out that corner of the yard yet this year and this thing was itching to climb something. I didn't have a piece of trellis for it so I stuck part of a decorative fence behind it and it's taking off like crazy. Note to clematis growers - give up, it does whatever it damn well pleases and there isn't much you can do about it. I plan to thoroughly ignore the clematis. The more attention I pay it, the less it thrives.

There's a whole bunch of nothing about my yard. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Shoulder update...

Last Thursday I had a shoulder MRI. The ladies that performed it were delightful and it all went off without a hitch, with the exception of that itch that I had to concentrate on NOT itching through the entire procedure. I kept wondering, "they're imaging my shoulder right? Surely I can use my other hand to gently scratch the itch on my nose?". I spent so much time deciding that the MRI was over. They gave me a disk of all the images and let me just tell you how cool it is to see INSIDE your own body. It's super cool. Then of course I played I'm a Radiologist and tried to see if I could diagnose myself. Conclusion? I haven't a clue what I'm looking at. That must be why those M.D. people go to school for so long.

I didn't have to wait long. Monday I had an appointment with the Shoulder Guy. He walked in with a confused/not-what-I-thought look on his face. He really thought I had bone spurs. It turns out I have a labral tear. My understanding is that this is a tear where the shoulder joint attaches to the bicep muscle. Sounds delicious huh? THAT must be why I've been in pain for four years!!!!! FSM forbid a doctor orders the magic test that can see inside BEFORE trying therapy and shots and OTHER SURGERY and more therapy. Now THAT'S an idea. We could have had this shit taken care of a long time ago. I went through a few stages of grief right there in the office, got a little teary eyed, and took the plunge and scheduled surgery.

I'm having my shoulder operated on on May 19th. That's two weeks people! If any of you have had shoulder surgery PLEASE tell me what to expect from the recovery. I've read good stories and bad stories. I just want to be back to work ASAP!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Internet withdrawals...

We had a crazy weekend and I didn't get on the computer at all for three days. There was twitching I assure you. I'm just now sticking my toes in the water and am trying to catch up.

A very brief synopsis:

Friday: Surprise 40th Bday Party for Jenn - loads o' fun
Saturday: soccer and Phase 10 until 1am - also loads o' fun
Sunday: coughed myself silly and slept a lot
Monday: sick sick sick, doctor says emphatic yes to shoulder surgery

Detailed updates to come!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Really Important Stuff...

I think I've mentioned before that I belong to an private online parenting group of about 100 Moms and 1 Dad who have gotten really close over the past few years. We talk about everything from kids to politics. Over the last week we've been discussing, among other things, socks. Specifically, the laundering and matching of socks.

I know that I hate the laundering and matching of socks, mostly Skyler's socks, but I had no idea how much EVERYONE hates it. There are several different methods employed as well. What do you do?

I have a slightly different method for each family member. I have my reasons, they may not make a lot of sense to you, but they work for me. Matt's socks get tossed in his drawer, the method there is "match your own damn socks". Zack's socks get matched and he puts them away. The loose ones get thrown in his drawer too and eventually when he's down to the sock dregs he'll find a matching pair. I match his because his are easy and he'll just whine for me to find him socks anyway so it's easier. Skyler's socks have two methods. Usually I toss them all in her drawer unmatched and she wears them unmatched. She's actually started a trend at school that annoys other parents. Every once in awhile I'll take her entire sock drawer out and do a major sorting matching binge and set aside loose ones to wait for mates. My own socks get matched, loosies get left on top of my dresser waiting for their long lost love.

I have friends who don't match anyone's socks, they just all play the hunt-for-matching socks game every morning (which I hate). In that case there's also variety, some people have a family sock basket and others have a separate one for each person. Some people match them as they go INTO the wash which seems odd because the sock monster eats them while they're in the dryer anyway. Some people buy each person in the family one type of socks, there isn't really any matching to be done.

What do YOU do?

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