Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Zack is very picky about his hair in a totally no-maintenance kind of way. He hates haircuts, won't "do" his hair, and wants no one else to fuss with it. He's sweaty in the summer so we usually just shave his head or, for years now, have let him sport a mohawk. It gives him a bit of personal expression and is no muss no fuss. He doesn't even care to spike it.

Yesterday I kidnapped him, literally right out of our driveway, and forced him to go get a haircut. I figured he'd transition from the summer mohawk into the winter regular boy cut but he had other ideas. Then he begged that I buy him some of that color glue, in red.

I left early for work this morning. This is the text I got from Matt from the bus stop:


I posted the pic to my facebook page and got a whole bunch of positive responses:

Barbara: Love it!!!!! You rock as a Mom for letting your kids express themselves!!!!♥

Rachael: Love it!

Carrie: LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

... and more. Then we got commenting about expression.

Me: Expression is easier than listening to whining. It hurts this Gap/Lands End Mom a little but, they're happy.

Ashley: I, too, am a Gap/Lands End mom and I HOPE I have the courage to allow this when my time comes.

Jonathan: you are ruining this poor boys childhood by allowing him to do this stuff. Dying your hair red is supposed to be a meaningless act of rebellion which makes all the sense in the world but your mother doesnt understand. i hope you realize that he will probably grow up to be well adjusted as a result of this and that will be on your head.

After reading what Jonathan (my friend from high school who wrote the book on rebellion through self-expression) I went to run errands at lunch thinking "yeah I'm the cool Mom". Then I got stuck inside my head a little bit and got to wondering... "If I let him express himself this way NOW, what will he choose as a rebellion?" and "Do kids who are able to express themselves NOT rebel or do they perceive that they must rebel one step further?" GAH. I went round and round with that one and I'm really not sure.

Being a Mom is tough. I guess you just go with your gut, pick your battles, and hope they don't feel the need to one-up whatever it is you do allow them to do. How much worse could hair get than a red mohawk? Right? RIGHT?

Monday, September 28, 2009

I ♥ Faces Week 38 "Blue"

This week, the photo contest theme at I ♥ Faces, is "Blue". I peeked at a bunch of other entries and saw some fantastic shots with the color blue and started going through my own, to see what I had.

This shot jumped out at me. Matt and I were teaching Zack to ride his bike on some local tennis courts (empty of course) and he got a bit frustrated at one point. Just like any other camera toting mother, before consoling him, I snapped this shot. He was blue to say the least.

Click the logo above to stop by the I ♥ Faces blog to see the other entries and even enter yourself. You know you've got a blue picture out there somewhere.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Fall...

Hello Fall! Some people might be excited about the change of the seasons because of cooler weather, changing leaves on the trees, football, the upcoming holidays, but not me. I love fall for one and only reason - the return of my shows. I mentioned my television addiction last year at this very same time. Back then I had my line-up all listed out. This year I don't know when each show is on, I just let my Tivo talk to cable and they work it all out.

There aren't too many new shows that have caught my eye. I checked out Jenna Elfman's new show Accidentally On Purpose, it's got some possibilities, she's fantastic, but I'm not sure that the premise of the story has lasting power. I've also got my eye on Julianna Marguelis' new show The Good Wife, mostly because I like her and I haven't seen her in anything good since she left ER. Drop Dead Diva started this summer and is surprisingly delightful. Merlin also started this summer and it's been a show that the kids and I are enjoying together. I think I heard a rumor somewhere that it wasn't doing that well because it was launched in the summer but got good reviews so it might stick around.

It's not the new shows that excite me this year, it's my old favorites. The season premier of House was blow your socks off good and Hugh Laurie is looking delicious. Big Bang Theory was hysterical despite the fact that I could not get past the ickiness of the North Pole induced beards the guys grew. 90210 and Gossip Girl bring me back to the old days of watching 90210 and Melrose Place (not liking the new one) in my dorm with a big group of girls.

If you're looking for me this fall anytime after 9pm I'm probably snuggled up in my blankies watching television. No, I'm not going to answer my phone (but you already knew that didn't you).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday is for Sports...

Saturday = sports day in the Molnar household. We jumped out of bed, got various children outfitted in various uniforms, filled bottles of water, checked the camera bag, packed the chairs, and headed out the door for the day.

First up was Skyler's game against the Stingrays. Girlfriend gets right in there and gets after it. She made her goal and funny faces too.

From there we RACED (thank you GPS) over to Zack's game against the Rams.

Daddy helped out on the chain gang.

Doesn't this look fun?


In case you didn't notice, Zack is number 46. He got the last tackle of the game and was over the moon proud of himself.

And there went another Saturday... We can't wait to do it all over again next week!

I Heart Faces Week 37: “Completely Candid” Photo Challenge!

It's Completely Candid week at I ♥ Faces. For my entry, I chose a shot of my son's football coach. I laugh every time I see it. He's yelling so hard that he looks like he's going to burst. It was the first game of the season and despite some nervous moments they did win. Yahooo!

Click the link below and check out all the other entries.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Solace of Data Dumping...

I've got a bunch of rambly disjointed stuff rattling around in my brain so I'm going to just give you some quick blurbs...


Skyler woke up in the middle of last night screaming for me from her bed. I was all groggy and confused as I lurched from my own bed to her room, on my feet before I was awake. She was sitting on the end of her bed screeching about all the bugs on the floor of her room. I snapped awake and was truly afraid to figure out if this was a nightmare (she's never remembered one before) or some insect ridden horror come to life. I said "hold on I'll turn on the light" to which she screamed "NO!". I shooed her towards my bed and reached for the light pull, my own eyes scrinched in a "please don't let there be bugs" grimace. There were not. I climbed into bed beside the little widget and she said "Mommy there were cicadas and ants and twigs" at which point I was sure she was dreaming as we've never had that particular combination in our house, a spider or two yes, cicadas and ants and twigs, no. Daddy cleared that particular mystery up in the morning reminding Skyler that she and her teammates were watching anthills and cicada shells during soccer practice rather than paying attention. Who knew a little entomology lesson would induce creepy crawly dreams?


Zack's desk-mate in class has informed him that she has a crush on him. This is no good as that child is a giant love and is already greatly distracted by girls. His "girlfriends" have always been in another class or school so this hasn't been a problem. Sitting next to him all day long is not going to be good.


We've had some drama in my family this week and it's left me with a growing desire to move home. We moved away almost ten years ago and all of a sudden I just don't see the point of living so far away. I could make pros and cons lists equally long, all day long, but in the end it comes down to what makes your heart happy.


I've found a new blog that's entertaining me greatly. It's written by a neurologist about his very entertaining patients. Dr. Grumpy in the House. Check it out.


If you live in a southern state and have a daughter, please watch this and please tell me you don't have your head as far up your ass as the politicians in those states. Abstinence only education DOES NOT WORK!!!!


I am desperately craving a piece of Cheesecake Factory vanilla bean cheesecake (and someone to deliver it to me).


The Office started last night. I just love Jim Halpert!


I just finished reading The Solace of Leaving Early and give it a "Meh". I'm still chewing on my thoughts about it. Whimsy, from The Creamery, is hosting a bloggy book discussion about it on October 1. If you've read, or intend to read, this book, join on in.

I'm about to begin True Compass by Ted Kennedy. I read the forward and it made me cry. I should probably pick up a box of tissues.


There. I just regurgitated some of what's running around in my head today. I feel better. How about you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chargers Football...

Saturday the Chargers (Zack's team, light blue) beat the Gators 6-0.









I Heart Faces “Contemplative” Photo Challenge

I ♥ Faces “Contemplative” Photo Challenge

I was taking pictures of her brother's football game, she was sitting on my feet. I loved the look of seriousness on her face and turned my camera her way.

Check out other "Contemplative" photos at:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour Friday...

My Bloggy Friend, RxBambi has started doing Happy Hour Friday, listing what is making her happy right now, and I thought this week I'd join her.
  • I'm happy that today is my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom.

  • I'm happy that Zachary has his first football game tomorrow at 10:30.

  • I'm happy that Skyler has her first soccer game tomorrow at 9:30. She is so so excited. I'm terribly disappointed that I can't go. We knew that we'd eventually have to split up for kid games, and Matt is her coach so he kind of needs to be there. We're hoping they can make a MAD dash and make most of Zack's game.

  • I'm happy that I'll get to take some pictures of the game (Zack's). I love having something to take a picture of.

  • Speaking of pictures I'm jealously happy excited for my Ransom to be getting her pictures taken by BLue Lily, an awesomely awesome photographer, in DC next month.

  • I'm happy that all the girls in my family (on Mom's side) are descending upon the area in November for a delicious girls' weekend in DC. Skyler will DIE of jealousy because she can't come so I'll have to do the right parental thing and LIE LIE LIE.

  • I'm happy that I got Tom Brady in my Fantasy Football League. YOU'RE doing Fantasy Football you say? YES, I say. Mostly it's to drive my husband nuts with my lack of anything resembling competitiveness or interest. HA HA! When I win with little to no effort his brain will EXPLODE!

  • I'm happy that RxBambi is bringing back Pharmacy Friday. I'm fascinated by what pharmacists go through with patients and doctors and insurance co's. Speaking of which I've found some great blogs written by other professionals that fascinate me with their stories, doctors, teachers, pharmacists. Good Stuff.

  • I'm happy that my SIL, Lashelle, is expecting a new little bundle of snuggles. Skyler and I have decided that we need more girls in the family and have thus started making something pink. We're cheering for team pink!

  • I'm happy that Skyler has two cousins she can give the clothes she's grown out of to. It's funny because one of the cousins is a squich bit older than Sky but my leggy girl wears bigger sizes. It also makes me happy because I used to get bags of clothes from their Mom when I was a kid. I love tradition.

That's it I think. I like this starting of the day with listing what you're happy with. It brings sunshine and rainbows to your mood!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It Makes Me Cringe...

I was returning to work after lunch today and a new co-worker was on the stairs ahead of me. As I looked up, what she was wearing generated a visceral reaction akin to the one I get when hearing nails scrape down a chalk board. She was wearing a white flowey skirt and white sandal pumps. After. Labor. Day.

I'm not sure why this bothers me so much? Logically I know that it doesn't matter what someone wears. It wasn't really seasonably inappropriate. It's getting a little cooler here, but we're in the upper-south (technical location), cooler is relative. Stacy & Clinton say that white can be worn after Labor Day. I've had this debate with tens of my internet mommy friends who say it doesn't bother them. I'm SO not fashion concerned, Gap is my friend. But STILL, I can't STAND to see white after Labor Day.

I think it's my Mother's fault (Hi Mom!). Surely I heard it from her first?

What do you all think?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Still Dim...

The light bulb still hasn't brightened, poor kid ;-). Last night he had the idea to put his tooth back into his tooth pillow thinking the tooth fairy might be tricked into another visit. I let him talk this one out and try it thinking it might occur to him that there isn't a tooth fairy but... No luck. His poor little brain must be tired.

The kids had GREAT days at school. Mr. Grumpy actually used the word exciting. Short of a trip to laser-quest I can't think of much that he gets excited about. He loved his teacher, got to go to the library and is already planning how many AR points he's going to get. His gifted resources specialist was in class today. He said that they didn't have to learn anything, they just played a game. I responded that sometimes you learn something while you're playing. He thoughtfully chewed on that one for awhile.

Skyler also loved her teacher. She feels like such a big kid getting to have the same teacher that Zack did. The only problem I foresee with this, that I hadn't anticipated, was Zack saying "Oh we did that" to everything she tells us. She was absolutely thrilled to be the line leader (most coveted helper position) right off the bat, as well as getting to go to Art and PE for the first time.

At one point at dinner, all three of my kiddos were talking, wanting my attention, at the same time. The fourth voice in my head was saying "Can't they hear each other? Do they think that if they talk louder or faster I hear more of what they are saying and less of what the other is saying?" I finally had to give Zack a big turn before football practice and promise Matt and Skyler that they'd each get a big chunk of Mommy time while Zack was practicing. Apparently I'm the super-coolest listener ever!!!

Here are a couple of snapshots from my phone. The coveted bus stop pics were a bust since it was pouring BUCKETS, like Niagra falls, out of the sky. Zack wouldn't stand next to his sister, little brat.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When the Light Bulb Won't Come On...

Do you ever briefly wonder about the intelligence of your child? In a not so flattering manner? I mean in the most loving maternal way of course.

A few months ago Zack figured out the myth of Santa Claus and made me fess to it. I mistakenly thought that this meant that he had figured out the myth of all the fairytale creatures that visit the house in the night.

Last night, I pulled out another of his teeth (this child will not pull out his own teeth despite the thinness of the thread that they dangle by). This one was easy, just stuck my finger in there while he was sleeping and it popped right out. I woke him up to show him, he put it in his tooth pillow, and went back to sleep.

Thinking he'd like to hang on to one of his teeth, and figuring since the jig was up, I stuck a buck in the pillow and didn't take the tooth.

This morning he came into our room, extremely confused that the tooth fairy had obviously come, but had left his tooth. I just stared at him waiting for the light bulb to go on. It didn't. I changed the subject. I wonder how long this will take?

ps. - Since he's determined that I am Santa Claus, Zack's been a state of high distress. You can imagine that Santa will bring you anything, your parents, not so much.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Search Term "Vomit"...

I was just checking out the last week or so of blog stats from Stat Counter and got a chuckle. When you use a stat counter you can see how people end up on your blog. For months, I've been getting at least one hit every single day for the terms "Venn Diagram" for THIS post and "Easy Button" for THIS post. Another popular search term is Boondocks, which gets you THIS post. But on the 27th of August, someone googled "my sister vomited on my homework" and arrived on my blog to read THIS post. The thing that cracks me up the most is that in that post I tell myself to believe Skyler when she says her belly hurts and just about a week ago I did the same friggin thing as I did back then. Apparently I need to read my own blog more often.

Keyword search reports never hesitate to crack me up. What are you looking for people? For what reason would you type "my sister vomited on my homework" into google? I'll never know, but I certainly wish they would leave it in the comments when they pop by.

Another Award Winning Crappy Mood...

I told myself, "SELF, go over to your blog and stare at it until something readable jumps from your fingers". SO I moseyed over kicking the carpet as I went. I futzed around with the sidebar over there --------> I added the lovely blog award from RX Bambi (she's great read her blog) and I added a book to my nightstand. I'm still reading The Outliers (which is incredibly interesting) and haven't yet started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet. I added See Jill Win because I've been meaning to read it and the library had it. Sylvia Rimm is a fantastic author who has a lot to say about seeing kids succeed in school. I heard her speak last year and was ready to worship at the Church of Sylvia Rimm if there were one.

So what's going on here lately. Well the big kid is really enjoying being a college student. He's got his first test on Wednesday. I hope his teacher gives it back to him so I can put it on the refrigerator. When he leaves for class in the evening the kids are so cute telling him to have a good night at school and to pay attention to the teacher. They enjoyed having Daddy sit at the kitchen table doing homework last night.

The medium kid is LOVING football. WHAT? Did I just type that? Last night it was raining and cool. I was pissy that I had to be the parent that went and sat either in the car or under an umbrella for two hours for a wet yucky practice. I figured he'd be dragging ass to boot and that would make for a lovely evening of competing nasty moods and everyone knows I like to win that battle. We got there early and he couldn't wait to get out of the car and toss around the ball. It rained through the entire practice. The older kids' coach made them do up-downs IN THE MUD on the baseball diamond. It looked like they were wearing brown uniforms. That's just torture for the parents. MY child, the one who cried through the first two weeks of practice, had to be dragged off the field at the end of the night. I threatened to leave him there. He's got the bug.

The youngest kid is anxious for school to start and planning her fall wardrobe. The combinations give me migraines. I won't have to look at her all day though. Oh she's also come up with some new phrases that have me cracking up. Yesterday I heard "That's brilliant!" and "She thinks she's all that". Where does she get this stuff? I blame Hannah Montana.

ME? I'm my grumpy old self. I'm weaning off of a medication so I can start another and it has me tired and draggy and pissy and cranky and... you get the idea. It's best if I just crawl back into my cave and come out when my mood improves.


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