Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And The Winner Is....

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You know that when I find an awesome product I have to come on here and blab about it. About a month ago, I picked up some of the new Jello Mousse Temptations at Walmart while I was grocery shopping. I do enjoy a good mousse. I didn't have high hopes that a good mousse would come in a tiny plastic cup and although Matt and Zack love them, I do not enjoy any of Jello's other pudding offerings.

I gave it a try and HOLY HELL they are good. I RARELY like something that has a nutrition label listing under 100 calories but these were just 60, I think I'll have two (solved that problem). I think it was the regular chocolate I tried, but it might have been the dark chocolate. Either way I was hooked. Which means of course that every time I went to a store looking for more, they were out. EVERY store. WTF Jello? Are they that good or do you suck at keeping the shelves stocked? Finally last night my local more expensive store had some of the caramel creme flavor. I was less than enthusiastic as caramel is not a flavor I envision mousse to be but IT WAS BETTER THAN THE CHOCOLATE. MMMMmm so good. I might have eaten three yesterday. The best part is that neither Matt nor the kids like the texture of mousse so they are ALL mine!!!

So, go forth and try. Just don't buy any from my local store or I will hunt you down and raid your refrigerator!

***I was not compensated in any way for this review/post***

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Away...

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I went out of town for our Tenth Anniversary. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast and went for a walk near a quiet peaceful child-free lake. We spent the weekend wondering why we don't leave the little monsters that we love so much behind more often!

We made heart shadows on the lake.

Pretty little room.

Don't forget that there's one day left to enter the Giveaway!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beep Beep. Watch Out For My Scooter...

Last week was pretty horrible RA wise. My doctor had me purposely miss a dose of my medication and Holy Joint Pain Batman, symptoms were back in full force and then some. I was limping and cringing at the idea of going grocery shopping. When it got to the point that I was imagining the future me tooling around the grocery store in one of those scooters and I actually thought that sounded better than walking all the way to the dairy section that I realized that this is sucktastic and this is my life.

Thankfully I had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist scheduled for Friday. She took one look at me and said "oh your disease is fully active and you're having a flare". REALLY? So now I know that the medications work and that stopping them is a horrible horrible thought. She upped my dose, did blood work to make sure my liver is tolerating all the poison well, and sent me on my way. I'm supposed to take my meds at night, but you know I was dry swallowing them in the pharmacy!

By Sunday I could tell the difference. Today I'm not limping around my office wincing at every movement. I still feel it lurking, but it's no longer as bad as last week.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I don't mean to give away the surprise, but you might want to check back here tomorrow to enter my first ever give away! SQUEEEEE!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dr. Laura...

Oddly enough, I have two things to say about Dr. Laura.

Thing One, when I get in the car after work, the radio station that I listen to at lunchtime is playing Dr. Laura and I cannot change that shit fast enough. I tried listening to her a few times but she is a douche. Every time I get in the car she is berating one of her callers. Seriously that woman is mean.

Thing B is a story. I cannot reveal my sources as this is a true story (about someone related to me) but I find it hilarious enough to bother to tell. SO there was this man who was a frequent driver and a frequent listener of Dr. Laura's Program. His son was "married" to a woman that, for whatever reasons, the man didn't like. At some point, he decided that it would be a good idea (considering Thing One I can't imagine why) to call Dr. Laura and get her advice about what to do about his dislike for his son's wife. What do you think happened? THE WIFE HEARD THE SHOW and recognized her FIL's voice. Oh yes she did. What happened after that I wasn't told, I'm sure it wasn't pretty. All parties are still related, to each other and to me, and the story is still told with a chuckle at least a couple of times per year. Can you even imagine?

New Coat of Paint...

With some help, I've spruced the place up a bit. What do you think? There's a bit more to come, but this is basically what my home looks like now. Pretty?

Miss Jessica at A Blog to Brag About worked on it for me.

A Blog to Brag About

She took my ideas which were basically "uh, um, well...uh" and got a feel for what I wanted and liked and then took suggestions based on her first go and we tweaked it a bit and here we are. I'm sure there's much more to it, but that was my part. Oh and I told her which colors I wanted, and then when she was all finished, I changed one of the colors on her. Aren't I a pain in the ass?

So, if you're wanting to change your look give Jessica a click and see what she can do for you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lice, the Recap...

Surely you noticed that I had a bit of a bloggy melt-down three posts ago when I discovered that the girl child has lice. *shudder* Did you just scratch your head right then? Yeah even the word makes you twitchy.

Thursday evenin, long after she should have been in bed, Skyler came into my room whining that her head itched. I tried to send her back to bed but there was the typical "I don't want to go to bed whining" so I said "FINE" and started pawing at her scalp. I looked and looked and just as I was convinced that she was just prolonging bedtime torture I saw something MOVE. Mother-fucker there was a bug in her hair. (Yes Mom that word was necessary. There were BUGS in my daughters HAIR). I gave the little critter to Matt and had him go seek the advice of Dr. Google. I put Skyler in the bathtub, scrubbed her head, and then started picking through it with a comb. I found two more live ones. Matt came up confirming the diagnosis. There wasn't much we could do that night so I slathered her hair in a thick layer of tea tree oil conditioner, wrapped her head in saran wrap (oh yes I did), added a towel turban, and sent her to bed.

I sent up the Mommy Signal and received all sorts of advice from near and far. There's the mayonnaise method, the Cetaphil method, the olive oil method, and the petroleum jelly method that all basically smother the lice. Or you can go full guns and use Nix to kill them dead with pesticides.

The next day was H.E.L.L. I combed her out again in the morning and found one live one. I decided that since I had attempted the smother method last night (although I didn't have all the details and probably didn't do enough smothering) and there were still live ones, Skyler doesn't have particularly sensitive skin, plus the with the ICK factor, I was going with the big guns. We purchased the Nix kit at Target. I spent ALL afternoon on this kid's head. At one point as I was picking at nits and combing combing combing she said "why don't you just cut it". I was so tired at that point that I pulled her hair back in a pony tail and snipped it straight across. After more picking and picking and picking she and I both had a meltdown. She started crying "I don't want to do this anymore" and I cried back "I don't EITHER". We were done.

Might I also mention that Friday is my horrible medication day where I usually curl up in a ball and sleep? The boy child had an assembly I had to attend AND a dentist appointment? When Matt got home at 5:00 I went to bed and slept until 8:30 the next morning.

I spent the rest of the weekend periodically picking through her hair like a mother chimpanzee. We found some nits but no more live critters. I'm hoping that with another treatment at the end of this week, we don't see a resurgence. I'm scared. Hold me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Heart Faces Week 11 "Bundled Up"...

This week’s photo challenge over at I ♥ Faces theme is: “Bundled Up”

Here are two of my favorite people, all bundled up for sledding.

Check out all the other favorite bundles by clicking the icon below.

Ask Me How Much I Love This Photo...

and this one

Friday, March 12, 2010



That is all.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed to Work at Libraries...

Skyler got her first cavity and filling on Friday. Upon hearing that she had a cavity I promptly told her that YES it was going to hurt to get it filled. She then became a brushing fiend and then was very very brave for her filling. She went in to the chair chatting about shoes (are you surprised) and then proceeded to have a far better experience than I've ever had having a tooth filled. I'm thinking I'm switching to the pediatric dentist.

The library is right next to the dentist's office and since Skyler is blowing through the Junie B. Jones series, using up space on my library card, and already has a Gold Card for the school library, I figured it was time for her to get her own. She was SO.EXCITED. When I asked the first librarian what we had to do she questioned whether I was Skyler's mother with a doubtful look on her face. I did the slow "Yeeeeeeeeeeessss" and she replied "Oh my gosh you don't look old enough to be her mother!" HELLO NEW BEST FRIEND! So we fill out the form where you promise to love the books and never ever do anything unsavory to them and take it up to the desk where another librarian is there to help us. She is entering my info when she looks at my license (which is admittedly 6 years old) and says "I need YOUR license not hers". How many things are wrong with this statement? A. You are mean and you took away my happy cloud feelings from the other librarian. 2. She's SEVEN you can assume she does not have her own LICENSE. C. My name is on the license, matching the name right there on the form that says parent. 4. I don't look THAT different in my photo. Seriously. I don't . Conclusion, second librarian was stupid which I find insulting because she's surrounded by books which are lovely things that should be honored with smart people to care for them.

The kids got their Progress Reports yesterday and are doing great. I'm very pleased. Skyler asked how much money I owe her and was disappointed to hear that that's for report cards only. Zack had a comment on his that he needs to improve his work habits. Matt tried to explain that his grades would be even better if he had better work habits to which Zack shrugged and was clearly happy with what he's got going on now. Why work harder Dad?

When Matt went to turn Skyler's light off last night he found this:

A girl after my own heart. Since this, the vagina, and the freckles are the only way we are alike I can't tell you how very very happy this makes me!

Monday, March 08, 2010

I suppose I should have warned you. Soccer season started last week. I pulled out the old Soccer Mom Cape and gave it a spring washing. Prepare for another eight weeks of pictures of my kids kicking soccer balls. They look a lot like the previous four years of pictures of my kids kicking soccer balls but I can't seem to stop taking them. The only difference I can see this year is that Zack got some fancier footwork and Skyler's giraffe legs got longer.

Giraffe Legs


Fancy Feet!

Being goalie is lonely when all the action is at the other end of the field!

Oh and in case you didn't notice, Spring Soccer is COLD... until it is HOT. I am never content with Saturday morning temperatures.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gold Card...

Last night we were sitting around the dinner table enjoying my usual round of questions about the kids' day at school. Zack's friend K had joined us so discussion was livelier than usual because my two had some showing off to do.

As we eat dinner I usually ask the kids "How was your day?", "What was the best part of your day?", "What was the worst part of your day?", "What activities did you do?" etc etc. When I asked Skyler about her extra class (art, music, library, computer lab) she said "I had library today". I asked her if she got a new book because she's been plowing through all things Junie B. Jones and I can't keep up with our local library. She says "Yeah I got four". Both boys eyes bulged. Most lower grade kids get to borrow one book at a time, the older grades can borrow two. Then K says "Oh, do you have a library gold card?".

The CHILD has a GOLD CARD for the library that allows her to borrow more books because she's some super reader or something. The fact that the first card she's given with which she can borrow something has been labeled a Gold Card and they quickly upped her "limit" does not bode well for our future with her.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

To Give or Keep...

We've got snow on the ground this morning. I decided to give myself a two-hour delay and drive the kids to school. This meant that they had more time than usual to act out their love and admiration for each other (HA!). At one point Skyler came stomping up the stairs begging to give her brother away to another family and asking for a sister. I told her that she'd fight worse with a sister, that was the way of it. She cried that her brother was terribly mean and could we PLEASE give him away. I told her I'd think about it.

Two minutes later Zack comes up the stairs, looks at me all puffy faced and says "Mom, Skyler said *voice crack* that you were giving me away? *tears*" Oh Zachary. You have such a huge loving heart but you are such a beast to your sister. There were hugs and kisses and proclamations that I would never give him away, that my heart would break in a million pieces if he were anywhere but right here with me. But please PLEASE be kind to your sister. PLEASE!

I'm certain they'll be at it again this afternoon. It's a wonder I arrive back in my driveway each afternoon with this to look forward to.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I was pulling in to the Kohls' parking lot today for a little prednisone induced weight gain shopping when I noticed that on the ground next to my parking space was what appeared to be a crumpled up bra. I got out and sure enough there was a lonely beat-up beige bra sitting alone in the parking lot and I started cracking up. You know exactly what happened don't you? Some poor woman was having a rushed morning, she's behind doing the laundry because her kids throw clothes in the hamper that aren't even dirty and she's down to the last bras in her drawer. She's running behind, throws one on, runs out the door and ALL MORNING LONG that fucker pinches here and slides there and she's pulling and tugging and her skin is getting irritated. She decides she's taking an early lunch, runs over to Kohl's, stomps in and grabs another of her favorite bra, not even caring that it's twice as much as she usually pays because of course it's not on sale today. She gets in the car, does that magic bra removal trick that only women know and throws that piece of shit bra out the window! I have done this with socks. The only place for the offending item is in the trash. I hope she's more comfortable now.

I'm glad I got that little giggle in in the parking lot because by the time I left Kohl's after my 37 minute pants buying spree I was sweating, my hair was static-y and all over the place, I was frustrated that women's pants all gape in the back (WTF?), and I was about as amused as the imaginary bra woman and considerably less satisfied with the result.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Stand By...

Please stand by while I take a mental break. I'm overwhelmed and not feeling the writing thing.

(nothing breaks the bloggy blahs like a post that says you're taking a break)

See you soon!

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