Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Doesn't Matter How You Spell It...

Once upon a time, a thirty-six twenty-nine year old woman found her first gray hair.  And then she cried.

The End.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do...

Dear Coca-Cola,

I love you so much but I just don't think we're right for each other anymore.  You bring out the chubby side of me and it's just got to stop.  I'll always fondly remember our times together.  This hurts me more than it hurts you so please be understanding and don't make this hard on either of us.  Please don't worry that I'll be batting for the other team, Pepsi, I'm going for water.  Water brings out the best in me and that's really what I need right now.

I'll love you forever.  Smooches,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Milk Shortage...

Tuesday afternoon, Zack and I went to run a few errands that included getting milk because we were almost out. Cut to dinner last night, Skyler sets the table and says "We're almost out of milk". I look in the refrigerator because I JUST bought milk the night before and it wasn't the same label as the one she took out. Hmmm. Where'd the new one go? Zack and I both looked funny at each other and asked "Did you bring it in?".  Guess where I found the gallon of milk?  Yup.  In the trunk of my car.  Yuck.  We each thought that the other had grabbed the last bag.

Fine, so I tell them to save what's left of the milk that's there for breakfast and to drink apple juice or water with dinner.  We're half-way through eating and Skyler suddenly needs to "look in the fridge for something".  So Matt and I are watching her wondering what she's up to.  We see her squat down and through the crack in the door Matt can see her drinking from the milk jug.  She was SNEAKING milk.  HA!  She cracks me up.  Any other time she could have all the milk she wanted and now because she'll definitely want it for cereal she feels that she needs to sneak it.  The best part was that she came back to the table with a milk mustache.

I can't complain about a kid who loves her milk

PS - I'm going to mention this way down here so as not to make a big deal which will surely jinx me.  Today (so far) is my third day without soda. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Continued Love Affair with Tivo...

The kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Soccer has started.  The temperatures have dropped way way down to the 80s.  You know what all that means?  It's time for my third annual Fall Line-Up Review.

I've already checked tvguide.com for the fall schedule and I'm ready.  Once again I'll have to deploy a little bit of strategy on Monday nights but I think I can do it.  I'm up to the challenge and Matt doesn't use his dvr to its fullest potential.

8:00 - House, Chuck, & 90210  <---problem area
9:00 - Two and a Half Men and Gossip Girl
9:30 - Mike & Molly *

8:00 - No Ordinary Family *
8:00 - Glee
9:00 - Raising Hope*
9:00 - Running Wilde *

9:00 - Modern Family (if you aren't watching this you're wrong)
9:30 - Cougar Town
10:00 - The Defenders*

8:00 - Big Bang Theory
8:30 -  S#*! My Dad Says*
9:00 - The Office
9:30 - Outsourced
10:00 - Private Practice
10:00 - The Mentalist

8:00 - Who Do You Think You Are?

9:00 - Undercover Boss
9:00 - Desperate Housewives

The * indicates a new show and I have my doubts about every one of them.  I'll give them a one or two show trial and then weed them out.  I can't wait to have a good backlog of shows on my Tivo for a rainy Saturday afternoon. I have a feeling my book consumption is about to take a nose-dive.  I've read 50 books already this year so I'm ready for some mind candy.

What are you watching?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Star Wars...

Matt has found that keeping the soccer team motivated through practice is easier if he promises them a few games of Star Wars at the end of practice.  Last night they were having so much fun that the parents decided to get involved.  We played parents against kids and had so much fun.  And AND I was victorious in the first game.  Me!  HAHA!

There are variations to the rules.  The way we play is for all the kids (blue balls) to line up at one end of a rectangle marked with cones.  The coaches (red balls) line up on the sides.  The kids have to dribble their ball through the rectangle and reach the other side without getting hit by one of the coaches balls and without their own ball being hit.  I'm pretty sure I was just flying under the radar, but I got across four times without being attacked.  We were laughing (and breathing) SO hard.

All of the parents and kids had a great time.  I'll have to bring sneakers next week.  I first tried barefoot but experienced foot assault by crab grass so had to run in flip flops.  As usual, I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Monday, August 23, 2010


You know how some people have a voice that you can't help but hear even if you're trying not to listen to their conversation?

I was running errands at lunch time today and I overhear some kid/man/boy saying the following:
"So when the police got there I said to them 'I watch a lot of Law & Order so I know that this technically wasn't breaking and entering'."
Oy.  Can you even imagine what was going on there?  I bet the police officer was thrilled to get the opinion of Mr. Law-&-Order-Watcher.  I'm sure that made all the difference in the world in that conversation.  Ha!

Even when I don't mean to listen I hear the crazy...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Book Recommendation From Skyler...

We've taken this book out from the library several times.  The illustrations are gorgeous and the message is heart warming.  The last time we read it we spent more time looking at each page than actually reading the words.  Skyler closed the book, looked at the front for a minute and said "Mommy, these pictures are so pretty that this book should have a medal on it".  I'm assuming she was speaking of a Caldecott seal and had to agree with her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Reason Why Being a Woman Sucks and Unnecessary Medical Testing...

I frequently hear anecdotes about insurance companies denying patients treatment and/or payment based on their whim or bottom line or the weather report that day. Medical offices are no different. They have patients do unnecessary tests to make up for what the insurance companies don't pay for. We patients are stuck in the middle so we've got to know what we're doing.

I'll start my little story by saying, everything is fine, all my tests came out normal.

On Friday I had to have an endometrial biopsy with a sonohystogram (least enjoyable procedure I've had that I can remember). The doc was looking for fibroids. So I arrive at the doctor's office and have the test, it's horrible, blah blah blah. I check out at the front desk and as I'm walking down the hall to the elevator a staff member comes chasing me down the hallway. She asks if I left a sample for a pregnancy test. I make a face and say "what for?". She says they should have asked me to do it before the procedure and could I come back inside? I say no that I have an IUD and the doctor was just all up in my business I'm sure they would have figured it out while they were in there. I leave. I get down the street and my cell phone starts blasting away. I'm talking to Matt so I don't answer it. After the third interruption I'm annoyed and click over. The office wants me to come back for the pregnancy test. " Please! It's Office Procedure." I said "No. If you want one because you should have done it before an EMB then it's too late, you already screwed up. If you want one because it's office procedure, I'm clearly not pregnant, and your procedure is flawed and I'm not participating. Good Bye."

This is a huge practice and yes I'm sure they do need to have policies and procedures to keep things running smoothly. I just don't think that every test is necessary for every patient and chasing one down in the hallway to complete one that is no longer necessary just to cover your own ass in the must-follow-office-procedure game is insanity and speaks to the direction the whole field is heading.

/blog entry from atop soap box

Monday, August 16, 2010


Do you ever start a day being jerked awake by some horrible beeping noise and then staring at the offending object bleeping away at you while you wonder  "WHAT is that and how do I turn it off?" and then fumble with the various buttons smacking at them until it it just stops.  And then you sort of catch on that hey, that's an alarm clock and it was set to wake me up but it can't really be 6:00am yet can it?  And THEN you realize that with all your smacking at the clock you've ruined the saving grace  that is the nine minutes of  snooze?

Yeah, so Good Morning!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Sound Like a Woman...

Skyler has this pair of shoes that have little girl heals on them. She calls them that, "my heals", not her dress shoes, or dress-up shoes, or fancy shoes, "my heels".

So she's walking across a tiled floor the other day, hears her very grown-up click click click, and says "Mommy, I sound like a real woman!".

She's too much!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

New Hampshire...

While in New England last week I was introduced to the awesome that is the New Hampshire parody of Jay Z's New York. Every word of it is true. I can't stop watching the video. I'm told that the local New Hampshire radio stations play it often.

I think it's hysterical and thought that all my friends who have left New England but still call it home, would get a kick out of it!


Thursday, August 05, 2010

World Wide Visitors...

I was just checking out my visitor stats.  I think it's cool how many visitors I get from different countries.  This is a recent snapshot.  Cool huh?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bake Me a Cake I Can Eat...

So cake art. Help me to understand the phenomenon. I get oddly mesmerized watching shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Ultimate Cake Wars.   I sit  fascinated as they create these works of art out of cake and rice crispy treats but in the end all I think is that it must taste horrible. They manipulate the ingredients via hand for days. There's all kinds of super human effort to keep these creations together. Sure they look cool but what's the point? Shouldn't a cake just taste good?

Literary Love...

I read four books while I was on vacation and I'm surprised to say that I enjoyed them all.

First was The Scent of Rain and Lightning.  I gave it four stars.  I enjoyed the story but felt like it could have been told better.  The meat of the story was told more as the build-up/back story.  Enjoyable still.  I'll look for another book by this author.

Next up was The Night Fairy.  I came by this title via some sort of list on the Huffington Post book page.  I can't remember what the list was but the book popped up on my library holds list so I read it.  It was such a sweet little story.  It's something I can see reading to a child if that child is calm enough to enjoy a story without lots of pictures to be read to them.  There are some beautiful illustrations, but certainly not as many as a child would expect.

Next was The Lion.  I've been on the wait-list for this one.  I'm a big fan of Nelson DeMille's early works but not a super huge fan of his newer stuff, I still run right out and read it when it comes out though  This particular character, John Corey, has shown up in a few of his other books and is a sarcastic smart ass, he makes for a fast-paced enjoyable read.  Definitely perfect for a summer vacation.

Last there was Water for Elephants.  I resisted reading this book for along time.  Even the cover turned me off.  Nothing about the circus, or elephants for that matter, interests me at all.   Everyone I spoke to loved it.  They all said that my dislike of circus related writing wouldn't matter and they were oh so right.  I give this book five stars and I didn't technically read it.  I wasn't sure I'd love it so I picked it up in audio form to listen to during my twelve hour solo drive to Massachusetts.  As it turned out, Matt ended up driving with me and when I mentioned with excitement that we could enjoy an audio book together he mentioned something about me riding on the roof or hell freezing over or something like that.  WELL.   He fell asleep and I figured I'd pass the time by putting in the first cd and I think Mr. Anti-Audio-Book was hooked before I was.  He was so enthralled that he got a little upset with me around 12am when I needed something a little peppier to keep me from falling asleep while driving the last hour through the rain.  Matt hasn't gotten to finish it yet but he's already interested in other books on tape.  Have I found key to getting him to enjoy my passion for books?

Ms. Sassy Pants read Beezus and Ramona.

I Have So Many Vacation Photos to Share...

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