Thursday, December 23, 2010

Airing of Grievances...

Per the tradition of Festivus, I will be airing my grievances.

Grievance #1 - I'm tired of being a sick person.   RA really kicked my ass in 2010 and I don't see an end in site.  My family is tired of it to the  point where the kids actually roll their eyes when I say I'm going to lie down.  Bronchitis has been living in my lungs for the past month.  I'm actually tired of the act of coughing.  Can 2011 bring me some good health oh pretty pretty please?

Grievance #2 - this one is petty but it's stuck in my craw.  Have you noticed that bags of Nestle toll house chocolate chips have gone down from 12oz to 11oz.  Oh yes they have.  I was wondering what they did with the traditional recipe on the outside of the package and found that the sneaky bastards just adjusted the recipe measurements too.  I use one full bag to make Amanda Rocks (if you don't know what these are you are sorry and don't even know it) and if we're going to keep wacking an ounce off the package size I'm going to have to start using more than one package per batch and that's just bullshit.

Grievance #3 - I'm still battling the hold that soda has on me.  I'm doing okay but I certainly haven't kicked it.  I can't imagine what kicking crack would be like.

Grievance #4 - My house continues to refuse to clean itself.

I think that's good for now.  I feel better already.  Do you have any grievances to air?

I'd Like to Use a Mobil Shout-Out...

One night last week we had a whole bunch of errands to run with the kids in tow and Zack was in desperate need of a study session of the capitals of the south-eastern states.  As the evening got later, Zack got more fidgety and whiny that he wasn't going to have time to study.  All of a sudden, Matt stops the car, flashes the inside lights and booms "Welcome to CASH CAB".  He then created an entire game show centered around trivia of the southern states.  We all had so much fun and learned a whole bunch.  The kids and I won $1800.  Sometimes you've got to get creative to get in all the things you have to do!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thoughtful or Future Stalker...

I need to hear from my teacher friends today.  Skyler loves her new teacher.  Love loves loves her.  Not enough to not talk during class, but she loves her.  We've been a bit craft crazy at our house this month.  Everything that I make, Skyler makes one too and she brings it in to her teacher.  If I have candy canes, or special Holiday treats out she brings one to her teacher.  If we have flowers blooming on the trees, she brings one for her teacher.  She asked me to email her teacher while we were on vacation to tell her that she missed her.  It's all really sweet and well-intentioned but I have to wonder if teachers start to get overwhelmed with an over-enthusiastic student like Skyler.  Am I raising a future stalker here?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Card Dilemma...

I wasn't in the mood for Christmas cards this year. I had no ideas and no pictures that I felt were going to make the cut. I had decided to scrap the whole thing for the first time EVER!

When I packed for our Thanksgiving trip I must have had something in the back of my mind because on Thanksgiving Day we were all dressed in similar colors. I called an emergency Christmas Card Picture Taking Time Out and forced my family to smile nice for the camera. One person in the family who shall not be named was less than cooperative and forced me to have to hunt the internet for software to swap heads on pictures. Can I just tell you how awesome and easy Microsoft Cloud is? You just choose the two pictures you want, it asks you which heads you like best and it does all the work for you. AWE.SOME.

SO. There will be Christmas Cards. I had them designed and ordered within an hour of taking the picture. It didn't hurt that Zazzle was having a 70% off Thanksgiving sale.  I hated to cheat on my old favorite Shutterfly but it was a difference of about $40.  That pays for postage.  We'll see how long it takes me to send them out.  I'm seriously up to my eyeballs in baby hats.

In other Christmas Card news, my friend Tammy won my annual race for First Christmas Card Received.  Ashley of Peters Party of 5 usually wins but Tammy was local and on the ball this year.  If only there were a prize.  Hmmm.  I'll think of something.   Also, this is a good idea for next year.  Someone remind me in November huh?

TSA Makes My Day...

We traveled over Thanksgiving and I won't tell you that I wasn't worried about the whole TSA pat-down bs.  I personally do not care if an x-ray type pic of me is plastered in Times Square.  My main concerns were, dickheads who made a big deal about it, the kids, and me being exposed to high radiation.  I'm immuno-compromised so extra radiation is a no-no. 

On the trip up we had nothing to worry about.  Our local airport doesn't use the big new scanning machines and we flew so early in the morning that there were hardly any other people to make a big deal about anything.  There was the usual excitement of travel and getting to see family.

On the way back we had the post-holiday blahs and were starting out in Boston so I just expected there to be trouble.  As we were standing in line I still hadn't decided if I was going to refuse the body scan.  I couldn't decide if the extra radiation was enough of a problem to make a fuss.  There were extra TSA agents giving instructions and making travel seem a lot more serious than ever before.  The one shouting instructions kept saying "You may be asked to go through an additional body scan" and I couldn't actually see that anyone was going through it with their hands up.  We did the usual take everything out of your bag that is electronic and I had so much crap with me (laptop, itouch, phone, kindle, kids' ds) that some guy jumped in front of me thinking he was Mr. Fast and then got yelled at for not taking off his watch and belt.  I just gave him my patented look of disdain as I politely waited for HIM.  And then we were on the other side.  No scan, no body cavity invasion.  I'm not sure what their parameters for using the body scan were but we didn't fit them.  Perhaps harried mother of two traveling like a pack-mule isn't exactly what they are looking for.

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