Friday, January 21, 2011

This Wouldn't Be Embarrassing If I Didn't Tell You... *Updated*

I don't usually work on Fridays but I took last Monday off so I decided to make up some time.  The good  part about Fridays is that we can wear jeans.  This week, I get up earlier than the fam and have been creeping around getting dressed in the dark.  So I do all the morning stuff, hair, make-up, get dressed...  I leave the house and drive away.  It's cold out and I forgot my gloves, so to warm the non-driving hand I stick it between my legs and realize "I WORE THE JEANS WITH THE ALMOST HOLES".  I had to calculate, be late to work or have the potential to walk around with my fleshy thighs hanging out of the soon-to-be holes in my pants.  I drove on.

When I got to work I hit up our building manager for a roll of duct tape.  Oh yes I did.

Okay fine.  My thigh flesh is not going to pop out today but do you have any idea what duct tape feels like stuck to your inner thighs?  It is not enjoyable.  It is also awkward to attempt to un-stick it every time you get up from your desk.  If my coworkers didn't already think I was crazy I'm sure today is helping to seal the deal.

Do you write an update at the top or the bottom of a post?  Huffington Post writes theirs at the top.  If I haven't read the article yet this is annoying as you get new information about something you haven't yet read.  If I've already read the article, it's nice to not have to scan for an update.  Hmmm?

ANYWAY, duct tape is not exactly comfortable on the inner thigh area.  It sticks and chafes.  I lasted until lunch time when I needed to stop at Target anyway and so I grabbed some athletic tape.  HALLELUJAH we have a winner and I've spent way too much time thinking about this today. I should have just turned around and changed my damn jeans.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

All Time Most Read Post...

My all-time most read post is from January of 2009. It wasn't the most read that day or that month. It is my most read post everyday. I still get 20-30 hits per day for that one single post. It amuses me because I so remember that day and how glowy and warm I felt that my little baby had the smahts and enjoyed showing them to me. She's still a smarty pants and desperately wants to be a teacher (or a designer, or a teacher who designs, or a designer who teaches).

Here it is:

Next Week Calculus

2011 Off to a Slow Start...

Dear Bloggy Readers (do I have any readers anymore?  hello?),

The holidays kicked my ass and writing seemed like an overwhelming task to me.  It still seems overwhelming but I fear I'll lose my voice if I don't put words to screen soon.  Do you even care to hear what's been going on lately?

Christmas was different for us in that we stayed home this year, no traveling.  It was actually pretty enjoyable.  Once we passed the date at which I could successfully mail packages to arrive on Christmas all the stress was gone.  It was just the four of us and it was good.

We had a fantastic surprise on Christmas Day.  Our dear friends Mike & Amy discovered that they were pregnant and gave us the good news.  They were previously told by doctors that it would never ever happen for them.  They adopted three years ago and were going happily along when Amy began feeling sick and couldn't figure out why.  Weren't they surprised?  This is me getting the news.  That's shock and tears...

No sooner was Christmas over, I was packing up my bags and heading to my Mom's house for two weeks.  She was to have ankle surgery and needed some help.  My whole family was a bit nervous as I've never left them for that long.  Matt's an awesome Daddy but he's never been on his own that long.  My Mom was nervous about her surgery.  It was all very emotional.

Mom's surgery went well but she was in major denial about what the recovery was going to be like.  There were three foggy days in the hospital and then we had to try to manage on our own at home.  Each day of not being able to do things on her own got Mom a bit more frustrated.  The first week was about the surgery, the second was getting control of the mind tricks that go on when you're bored.  It's frustrating and not enjoyable at all to experience.  The idea that we'd all like to spend a month or three on our couch in our jammies is nice, but in reality it's a pain in the ass.

The kids and hubby fared well and after that first week of emotion were just fine.  We talked several times per day via Skype.  We even did homework together.  Technology certainly made being apart so much easier.  Getting to see each other's faces each day was a huge help. 

I got to enjoy (ha ha) a true New England blizzard which I hadn't seen in years.  We got two feet of snow in one day.  It was insane and I refused to even go near the doors, forget go out there in that white cold wet stuff.  Mom and I sat inside by the fire and crocheted and knitted. 

So now I'm home and the kids and husband are happy and I'm worried about my Mom being stuck at home.  She's a bad patient - wanting to do too much.  We're starting a new year.  Matt's back in school starting another semester.  He's also coaching both kids' indoor soccer teams.  Skyler does gymnastics with so much enthusiasm we all wonder why she hasn't been there for years.  You think it's too much to take on until you see their smiling faces and you feel that warm glow of doing something that makes your kid so so happy.  As usual, I'm trailing behind them all as support person.  I organize their activities, make sure they have the right gear, check their homework, and boost their spirits.  GOOOOO TEAM!

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