Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I'm Watching...

Oh gosh.  I'm running behind.  As I noticed my DVR filling up this week I realized that I hadn't done my annual fall season line-up.  In case you're dying to read all about all my previous fall tv watching here is 20102009, and 2008.

Before we get started I need to get a few things off of my chest.   Earlier this year, Matt made me and TIVO break up.  He just couldn't stand the love that we had for each other and demanded him or the TIVO.  When I refused to choose, he disconnected sweet TIVO from the television and put him on a shelf in the closet and hooked up a rotten awful Verizon DVR.  I hate the new Verizon DVR and I'm pretty sure that it hates me.  It makes this buzzing sound that only I can hear.  It doesn't record things it thinks I might like to watch.  It doesn't make that awesome beeboop sound that I love.  It has had to be replaced once causing me to lose everything that I had recorded.  I'm not impressed Verizon, not impressed.

Alrighty on to the awesome.  These are the shows that made it through from previous years.  I have no idea when they are on because the art of digital recording is magic.  I'm pretty sure a unicorn that pees rainbows makes it happen.

Already watching:
Big Bang Theory - love love love
Chuck - this one might not make it through.  We're losing interest.
Gossip Girl
Two and a Half Men - I love Ashton Kutcher
The Mentalist
The Office
The Good Wife
Mike & Molly
Glee - dipped in awesomesauce and covered in sprinkles
Modern Family - I've said this before, if you aren't watching this, you're wrong.

Up for Review:
2 Broke Girls - I really liked the pilot
Allen Gregory - I like the premise, but I have no love for adult cartoons
Free Agents - the pilot was "meh"
Hart of Dixie
Last Man Standing
New Girl - this was cute
Secret Circle
Up All Night - the pilot seemed forced and can we dicuss that the Mom character's name is Rheagan and the child is Amy?  Who came up with that one?  They are wrong.  They probably don't watch Modern Family either.  I'm rooting for Christina Applegate though.

This is what I'll be doing this fall.  What about you?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We have successfully completed seven days of the school year and so far Zack is in love with everything school related and Skyler is battling the same old problem of not being able to keep her cute little trap shut.  I wrote the teacher an email saying that while I sympathize with her, this has been a Skyler problem since she started talking (the child talks in her sleep) and that I've tried everything.  If she's got any ideas on how I can help in the classroom to let me know, otherwise there isn't much I can do.  This feels like giving up, but there has got to be a teacher on this earth that can make that child shut her mouth.  Good Luck Mrs. Third Grade Teacher, you're going to need it.  Skyler's interpretation of the problem is that she's not the worst one.  *eye roll*  I tried explaining to her that having someone be more wrong than you are does not give you a pass.  

Zack's school gives the kids the opportunity to try a strings instrument this year.  I wanted less than nothing to do with this.  See the thing is, I am not musically inclined.  I have no knowledge of a stringed instrument (although I might be able to rock a recorder) and I just saw this as another giant responsibility suck that would mean me yelling at children to practice their noise makers and break my ear drums in the process.  Add to that the cost of renting an instrument and you have one grumbly Mommy.  Zack soldiered on and he and the instructor decided that he'd do well at learning the bass. 

Not my child, not my bass
The reason why this is awesome is that 1. not many children want to play the bass and the school has four so Zack can play theirs without having to rent one.  B.  This monstrosity is too large to bring home and thus I will not have to hear it or argue with a video game playing child that he should be practicing.  3.  He'll probably look pretty cute when I do get to see him at concerts.  :D  Happy Mommy.

Skyler has moved up another level in her gymnastics classes and we moved them to a weekday as Saturdays are now filled with soccer games.  The only day during the week that we don't have something going on in the evenings is Friday and by then I'm so exhausted that I'm not going anywhere anyway.  

Welcome to fall, it's never a dull moment!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

September First Baybeee.....

Do you hear that sound?  That is the sound of Mothers rejoicing everywhere!  It is September 1st baby and that means only ONE thing to me!!!!  The kids are going BACK TO SCHOOL!  I am going back to a regular schedule.  I have my new Erin Condren life planner all loaded up and ready, ridiculously loaded up and they haven't even started yet.  I want to party.  I want to sing.  I want the door not to hit them in the a** on their way to the bustop. 

Can I get a Woooohooooo!

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