Thursday, December 27, 2012


I have come to understand how one could be easily swayed by a charismatic speaker. I've seen lots of short interviews and I've read a lot of his writing but I am now officially worshipping at the church of Neil Degrasse Tyson.  If you have the time, click through and watch this phenomenal interview by Stephen Colbert (bonus).  I could listen to Neil (we're like that now)

If you're looking for me, I'm searching youtube for more speaking engagements, like this one.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 A Review of Books...

Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner is hosting an End of Year Book Survey link-up. Check out her post for more links to other bloggers' favorite books.

1. Best Book You Read in 2012?
I have three:
 Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel - it spoke to my nerdiness and love of all things booky and Google.
The Fault in Our Stars - this was just a really beautiful novel.
Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy - I learned so much about history; specifically World War I, via some wonderful, vibrant characters from all over Europe and the US whose lives were all interwoven.

2.  The Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going to Love More But Didn't?
The Casual Vacancy - I wanted to love this book, I did.  I defended it before I read it; there were many people complaining that it wasn't Harry Potter.  In the end I trudged through it in honor to JK Rowling because she gave us Harry Potter.  I think she has amazing characters; it just so happens that I didn't care about any of the ones in this novel.

3.  The Most Surprising (in a good way) Book You Read in 2012?
The Night Circus - I adored this book.  I had very low expectations as circuses are one of my least favorite topics/forms of entertainment, but this was just something else.  This is a book that you're desperate to have made into a movie not for the story but so that you can see it come to life.

4.  Which Book Did You Recommend to the Most People in 2012?
Once a Duchess - because the wonderful author Elizabeth Boyce is a friend and I couldn't wait to shout her accomplishment of being published from the rooftops.
Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) - because I laughed so hard I hurt.

5.  What Was the Best Series You Discovered in 2012?
The Century Trilogy - I read book one Fall of Giants and book two Winter of the World; both were excellent.  I'm looking forward to whatever book three might bring.

6.  Who was a Favorite New Author You Discovered in 2012?
John Green and Erin Morgenstern

7.  Best Book in 2012 that was Out of your Comfort Zone or was a New Genre?
The Art of Fielding: A Novel - I'm not a lover of books about sports so I don't think I would have chosen to read this one that centers around baseball but it was a great read with great characters.

8.  What was the Most Thrilling UnPutDownable Book of 2012?
Gone Girl: A Novel - definitely a page-turner and high on the Bat Shit Crazy Scale of Enjoyment!

9. Book that you Read in 2012 that you are Most Likely to Re-Read Next Year?
Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) - because it is hysterical and I read it very quickly so that I could pass it off to friends to enjoy.  If I ever get it back, I'll read it again right away.

10.  Favorite Cover?

11.  Most Memorable Character?
Gus, from The Fault in Our Stars
Andre, from Townie: A Memoir
Alice, from Still Alice

12.  Most Beautifully Written?
The Fault in Our Stars

13.  Book that Had the Greatest Impact on You?
Fall of Giants - I was awed at the things I didn't know and now want to learn.  Why didn't I pay better attention in all my history classes?

14.  Book You Can't Believe You Waited Until 2012 to Finally Read?
Once a Duchess - I can't believe it because I'm so thrilled that after all her hard work Elizabeth was published and it's perfect and beautiful.

15.  Favorite Passage/Quote from a Book you Read in 2012?
“You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars  

“Without pain, how could we know joy?' This is an old argument in the field of thinking about suffering and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not, in any way, affect the taste of chocolate.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

 “So I guess you could say Neel owes me a few favors, except that so many favors have passed between us now that they are no longer distinguishable as individual acts, just a bright haze of loyalty. Our friendship is a nebula. (34)” ― Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore  

“I can finally see that all the terrible parts of my life, the embarrassing parts, the incidents I wanted to pretend never happened, and the things that make me "weird" and "different," were actually the most important parts of my life. They were the parts that made me ME.” ― Jenny Lawson, Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

“My gosh, Nick, why are you so wonderful to me?' He was supposed to say: You deserve it. I love you.
But he said,'Because I feel sorry for you.' 'Why?' 'Because every morning you have to wake up and be you.”
― Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

...and so many more.

16.  Shortest and Longest Books you Read in 2012?
Shortest - Lying (Kindle Single) - 58 pages
Longest - Fall of Giants - 985 pages

17.  Book that had a Scene in it that had you Reeling and Dying to Talk to Somebody About it?
Gone Girl

18.  Favorite Relationship?
Hazel and Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars

19.  Favorite Book from 2012 from an Author you Read Previously?
Fall of Giants - I love Ken Follett's epic sagas that go on for generations.

20.  Best Book from 2012 that you Read Solely on a Recommendation From Someone Else?
Townie - I didn't even know this book existed before a friend chose it for book club and it turned out to be about the town I grew up in. 

I have no idea what's coming up in 2013 but I can't wait to add to my never-ending library list.

Monday, November 26, 2012


***updated below***

What has dragged me back to blogging? Two things. Last week I got some very nice compliments from old friends that I don't see very often and it felt nice and I'm trying to avoid sending a nasty email to Zack's school so I thought I'd blog instead. Sarcasm comes across much better in blog form vs. email to assistant principal.

Confession:  I'm a totally irresponsible neglectful parent and now my child has three unexcused absences for second term.  Let me explain.  We've long had the plan that because we don't live near family we would travel for Thanksgiving this year getting to see family members from both sides all in one swoop.  The exchange was that my kids would have to miss one and a half  days of school.  Now knowing this long in advance, I had each child go to each of their teachers the week before and 1. tell them which days they would be out b. get any work that they could complete and turn in early and 3. get assignments that could be worked on during the time they would be gone.  Remember, we are talking about one and a HALF days of school during a holiday week.  Let's all stop to think about how much instruction is actually going to be missed.  SO.  Skyler's teacher asked her to complete a particular assignment.  Zack has four teachers that were involved; one gave him an early assignment which he turned in prior to the other kids in the class the day before we left, one asked him to study for a quiz that would happen upon return,  one told him not to worry about it and to turn in his work the next week, one assigned no work at all. 

We've made this trip many many many times before and we've got it down pretty good.  This trip was an anomaly and it just sucked in terms of drive time.  Last night when it got to be 10pm and we were still hours from home I told the kids that they wouldn't have to go to school today.  They had passed in work that was asked of them and they are both A students.  I wasn't worried.

When I got to work late this morning, I emailed both schools to explain where the kids were.  Skyler's teacher said she would miss her and would send an assignment home with another student.  She received an excused absence for each day missed.  Zack's school responded that because they were not formally notified in writing prior to the absences, he would receive three unexcused absences.  I responded that we had notified each teacher and had collected and completed all work requested and that not one of the four teachers notified suggested to Zack that any other procedure should be followed.  I was told that now that Zack is older unexcused absences are taken seriously and that I should have also notified the Assistant Principal and requested permission ahead of time.  Now...I won't even get into another story, but let's just say that AP and I are not the best of buds and the last email he's going to respond to is one from me. 

I started another email detailing all the ways in which they are ridiculous for nitpicking the shit out of a situation in which an honors, gifted, advanced class taking, sixth grader who had notified all his teachers and done all requested work ahead of time during a holiday week should have an unexcused absence along with all the school skippers and regularly truant kids but I took a deep breath and as much as I think it is a ridiculous situation, rules are rules.  You can bet I'll be skywriting a message over the school and sending a registered return receipt letter to the AP about his next absence five days before it occurs.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

ps - I couldn't do it.  I even tried sitting on my hands.  I sent another email.  I'm guessing that the attendance secretary (along with the AP ;) ) has me on the "that parent" list.   

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Current Love/Hate Relationship...

I know you're just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for an update to my Printing Squared... post from last week.

So this morning, twelve days later, I get another email from Prinstagram with my tracking info.  I was all eye-rolly as they had already refunded me and I hadn't received the package from FedEx and hadn't had time to go chasing it down. I clicked through because I got to wondering if they had received the package back and managed to resend it without needing a signature. The tracking info was for the same package and FedEx said that it was still sitting at their office. I called FedEx and they said they had it.  So as much as I didn't want to bother, it was pictures and so I drove 18 minutes each way on my lunch hour to go retrieve it.  I can't begin to tell you how much it irritates me to have my time wasted; I was irritated with myself that I couldn't stand not chasing the package down.

What I didn't remember through all of this was that I had ordered tiny cute little books with a magnet inside the back cover rather than more prints.  It pains me to say this, but they're adorable and totally something I would love if it weren't for the hoop jumping.  ::SIGH::

You could thread a little ribbon through the binding and do a collection of pics for the year and hang it on your xmas tree.  I hate myself for loving this idea.

I won't order from them again unless they get their shit together, but...ugh definitely cute.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Printing Squared...

Last week I realized that I hadn't printed any pictures in a very very long time.  Those of us who are online constantly are pretty much never far away from our favorite pics but I forget that I should send some to the grandparents every so often.  I have been slightly obsessed with the Instagram style of cropping everything into a square and so I went searching for somewhere that would either print directly from my Instagram account (follow me I'm fr3ckle), or would just accept my 1x1 uploads.

I had heard about Persnickety Prints from The House of Smiths which is a sassy DIY blog I follow and I googled around a bit and found Prinstagram.  I couldn't decide which was better since I hadn't used either before so I posted a small order with each with the intention of comparing the two.

Right off the bat Prinstagram cracked me up with their auto-response "thank you for your order" email.  It was snarky and made me laugh:

Email us at if you have any questions  and our sexy young customer service representative Taymoor J will get back  you as fast as he possibly can. He's pretty fast ;-)
so I emailed them back... womp womp they didn't reply.  I find them less amusing now.  :D

Meanwhile, Persnickety Prints was hard at work on the order that I placed on Thursday and managed to get it to me by Saturday.  Super fast.  I like super fast!!!111!  The prints were packaged quite nicely and made my heart pitter patter at their retro polaroidishness.  I've already sent some off.

Now Prinstagram is behind the game with their prints just shipping this morning.  At first I was all "pffft, a week later?" when in reality if it weren't for Persnickety showing them up, I'd be just thrilled with their ship date.  Let's see if they impress me.

Stay tuned...


ANNNNND... I already have a super annoying update.  Before I even hit publish I went to look at an email that Prinstagram had sent me and found this bit of detail:
Your prints are sky high right now but soon they'll be at your door so please be sure you are there when they arrive so you can sign for your order. 
At which point I thought "Noooo.  Surely they wouldn't expect their customers to sit at home waiting for a shipment of photo prints.  They couldn't POSSIBLY have sent this package signature required."  So I checked FedEx and sure efuckingnough they did and I wasn't home and now I have to take time out of my day to track down this package.  The kicker is that they sent the email this morning telling me that my photos were on the way, but apparently they shipped on Monday (how is that possible Labor Day?) and so there was not even any possible way for me to predict when these pictures would arrive and arrange to receive them.

I have no place in my life for this type of noise.  Prinstagram is out - they will be hearing some disgust from me.


I used my serious FedEx irritation to send Prinstagram an email asking if they expected all of their customers to sit at home all day twiddling their thumbs and waiting for their order to arrive.  I was snarky and irritated and they had an explanation but... I'm not impressed.  Apparently since they are a small company FedEx gives them the choice of signature for ALL shipments or NO shipments (but then they can't send international).  So they chose ALL shipments.  I'm calling bullshit on either FedEx or Prinstagram as I happen to work full-time with FedEx as like my job yo and... we have every shipping option under the sun available to us.  If FedEx is causing this kind of hassle the good old post office will do quite nicely and at a fraction of the cost for a small business.  Anyhoo, Prinstragram was quickety quick with refunding my money with, I would think, the hopes that they never hear from me again, which is about likely.

I'm not saying don't use them.  Who knows (I certainly never will) they may have a fantastic product.  It simply isn't worth my irritation when there are no doubt 20 other online companies ready to print my square prints at a given moment.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taxi for Hire...

This week before school starts is killing me.  KILL.LING me (yes I know I just typed 3 Ls)!!!111!!!2

The schedule that I have found myself in the middle of is so ridiculous that it's hard to even describe.  Only one teeny tiny thing in there was for me and I had to cancel it.  Fair right?  I mean, I got married and gave birth so clearly that's it for me and my hobbies/interests.  ::EYE ROLL::

This week, the hours I've spent at work are actually my peace and quiet and it's the busiest I've been there all summer.  "I look forward to the break I get when I am at work".  Ridiculous statement.  Ridiculous.

Zack is trying out for middle school soccer.  His whole regular team is trying out at each of their respective middle schools.  There are something like thirty middle schools in our city and I think our regular team has got kids trying out at six of them.  So there's been lots of chatter about how this school does tryouts and that school does it differently and ZOMG it's insane.  Zack's school employs an everyday for a week tryout which has its ups and downs.  Up for the kids who get to get the nervous out and have plenty of time to strut their stuff.  Down for the parents who have to get them there by 4:00 when they work until 4:00 in a different town.  If it weren't for our friend J, that kid would be on his current team for the rest of his life.  Thanks J!  We won't know how he does until next Wednesday when the team is posted.  We're all just hoping that the team needs a goalie.  If you've met Zack, you already know that he's not a big fan of running ;-)

Sky is trying her best to get me to send her to boarding school this week.  It's like she's thought of every phrase in the English language that will annoy the piss out of me and has them all on a repeating cycle of torture.  She's got a smart mouth and rolling eyes and is dangling bungy-cord style from my last nerve.  I just might take her up on her request to go live with Grammy.

Matt is... :) a husband.  I would bad mouth how he suggested I just cancel book club (the one thing this week that was for me) when I couldn't get myself there in a decent amount of time because I was taxiing little people around but he redeemed himself this morning when he stopped everything, was late for work, and fixed a car problem for me when I sounded like I just might make a run for the nearest bridge.  I swear he causes a good chunk of my issues but he's usually around to pick up the pieces afterwards.

How do I wrap up this big whinge of a post?  How about some pictures from the summer?  I'm slightly obsessed with square pictures all Instagram-style right now.

 And just in case anyone else is feeling the way that I am, I find this enjoyable:


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ways We Entertain Ourselves...

When you get up at 3am for an expected 12 hour drive you get a little punchy towards the end.  This is how we entertained ourselves:

This is Zack's version of a Boston accent.  He was rolling gangsta with his hoodie up and glasses on at this point.

This is Skyler's version of a Jersey accent.  I haven't a clue where she came up with this.

There are out-takes too as she was laughing so hard through the first few versions.  The out-takes might play wonky as youtube is taking their sweet time uploading this one. I might have to come back and fix this link.

Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Reasons...

10 reasons why this Monday after vacation sucked donkey balls...
  1. I slept all wonky in the car yesterday and then decided to start a new book in the evening and oh look it's 2:00am.
  2. Boy child woke up with a sore throat at 2:30am
  3. Overslept because alarm did not go off although I checked it multiple times before bed.
  4. No gas in my car because we were on vacation and well...checking that wasn't a priority.
  5. Hit curb due to poor driving skillz and low tire pressure gauge came on immediately.
  6. Tire looks bad but didn't appear to be losing air so it might be another tire?  I only gave it 5 minutes of standing in the rain getting soaking wet to figure it out and... you currently know more than my husband who is going to kill me.
  7. Had to pump gas while already late and worrying about tire.
  8. 50 minutes late after vacation - always impresses the boss.
  9. When attempting to hook-up IV of coffee, went to shake personal container of creamer and sprayed the entire work kitchen with cream.  Someone has been helping themselves to my creamer while I was gone and lost the cap?  I was...resigned to a day of failure at this point.
  10. Headache/Earache thing going on. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finding the Words...

Last Friday was my 29th Birthday (again).  No big deal, it was nice, I received some lovely gifts and phone calls; I felt loved and enjoyed my time with family.

Last Friday a very sick man killed many people in a movie theater in Colorado.

I've been trying for several days to work into words my thoughts and what I wanted to say about this horrible tragedy.  I've been struggling to avoid discussions of gun control and gun ownership because I don't think that's entirely it.  I have been saving a post titled The Seven Stages of Gun Violence by one of my favorite writers, Jim Wright, because I thought I knew what he'd say and I knew it would be good and I didn't want his words in my brain before I had my own there.

Last night I was enjoying dinner with friends from book club, and as we were waiting for Ms. Sallie to arrive discussion came around to this topic.  I finally got out that this man, this James Holmes, was so very sick, so clearly in need of mental health services and that I wished that this was a major talking point rather than gun control and this stuck with me as a starting point for what I wanted to say.

This morning I clicked over to Jim's blog and read his Seven Stages of Gun Violence and right there at the top he had a quote from another great blogger and news person:

It is easier for a crazy person to get an automatic weapon than healthcare in America.                                             - Shannyn Moore, Moore Up North

And that was it, those are the words I'm trying to say.  This man, this very clearly sick man, found it easier to acquire a very large number of very dangerous weapons than to get the mental healthcare necessary to help him see that this cache of weapons and whatever his plans to do with them wasn't a good idea. 

Now all my conservative friends (do I have any? is that crickets I hear?) are going to start with "Oh there goes that crazy liberal lefty Amanda starting in on Obamacare" and I'll just stop you right there and say no, that isn't it.  That's part of it, yes.  I do think that everyone should be able to get medical care if they need it, especially in a country with the resources that ours has.  But the brain is complicated mess of wiring and chemicals and we don't come close to understanding it but we should do a better job as a society of helping each other. 

I got to wondering, and maybe we'll someday learn, did James Holmes not have a single friend who thought that his obsession with weapons was a bit extreme?  Did no one think that some of the things he'd recently said weren't totally batshit?  Did not one person think to themselves, "gee, James is more than a little off lately, I think I'm going to just ask him if he needs anything or if he wants to talk, or if I can help him find the phone number to a mental health professional?"  I know that we're in this weird world of put it all out there on the internet but then don't talk to each other face to face, but I'd like to think that if the chemicals in my brain went totally off the rails that the person I drink coffee with every morning would say "Hey Amanda, something seems a little off.  Are you okay?  Can I call your husband?  Can I do something to help?"  Because having head to toe kevlar when you aren't in the military or police forces isn't normal.  Booby trapping your appartment with bombs isn't normal.  Weapons aside, a total obsession with any particular thing, but yes violence in particular, isn't normal.  If you became totally enthralled with unicorns, as awesome as unicorns are, and started filling your home with all things unicorn and talking all things unicorn, I think I'd ask you if you were okay and I'd maybe try to get someone who can help involved.  And if I live in a world where people turn their heads at that or DO think it's normal, then I think we're going to have a lot more incidents like the one that happened on July 20th.

In short, more medical and human intervention, less ability to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mommy Rules...There Should Be Some

If you've ever wondered how I feel on your average day hop on over and read The Mommy Rules by Shauna Glenn.  I could have written each of them, especially number 4, definitely number 4. 

Before clicking the link, finish drinking whatever you have there or it's going to come out of your nose.  I love my kids but,  jesus mary and agnes I'd just like them to leave me alone sometimes. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet Our New Friend Lizzie...

We're lizard-sitting this week. We've done a lot of research and hope we don't do any damage while she's with us. I'm a little nervous about the cricket situation but I'm hoping I can get over it. 

Lizzie is a bearded dragon, that's her in her travel carrier up there with Zack.  She wasn't super impressed with the drive, but she did okay.  We unloaded her tank and all her goodies last night and then...she didn't move.  Not once was she in a different spot from where I placed her that evening until I checked on her this morning.  If we're playing statue, she's winning.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Settings Help...

I've seen a lot of hate over the past month for the new Blogger interface but I haven't been blogging so I just ignored it.  Now I'm writing again and my blog looks like crap and hell if I can fix it.  WTF Blogger?  Do any other wise Bloggers out there have a fix?  Oddly enough, the blog looks just fine on my iPad.  Are they jacking the settings to make it more user friendly to everyone else and leaving all the PC users back in the stone ages?

WAH!  Help!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Step Forward Nineteen Back...

Last week one of my FB acquaintances was asking for info on taking prednisone and whether the side effects were worth it for a sinus infection and I was all "btdt no biggy" and everyone else was all "Noooooo prednisone = scary shit".  Then the very next day I went to the podiatrist because I have achilles tendonosis and achilles tendonitis (see also - my body hates me) and she put me on a prednisone taper for twelve days to reduce the inflammation.  I thought "oh hahaha I was just talking about this".

Then all this week I've been a crazy ball of anxiety who can't breath and can't sleep and can't function and finally today I said "hmmm, I just wonder if that's a side effect of the prednisone" and I hit up my bff Google and wouldn't you know that there are 1,001 articles about how prednisone will jack you up if you already have anxiety issues.  It figures.  I seriously cannot solve one problem without causing another.  Now I'm mid-taper and you can't just go off this stuff, you really do have to taper.  SO, even with my phone phobia I had to call my doctor and beg for more xanax which I just swore to him I didn't need anymore.

Let's file this under - Amanda Is Still As Crazy As Ever


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dress Up...

If I don't start talking STAT it's going to be awkward next week when I blast you with pictures of Skyler as a flower girl/junior bridesmaid.  I can't wait.  My sweet girl is so excited to reprise the role she previously played for her Aunt Jessie in 2007.  Remember:

This weekend Sky has the honor of being in the wedding of one of her favorite people in the world, her second grade teacher Melissa.  The dress is fit, the shoes are bought, we're choosing hair styles, and getting nails done.  It's such a fun Mommy/Daugther time and the best part is that I'm not in the wedding in any way so I have no stress, I can totally concentrate on watching Skyler have a wonderful time.

This whole process wouldn't be complete without Skyler's expert opinion on weddings in general.  She's decided that for HER wedding she will wear a short dress something like this but with some colored layers underneath:

Then she has big plans for everyone to wear her favorite shoe, converse all-stars, except that last I heard they had to be all different colors and neon.

And finally, she intends to make her own duct tape wedding flowers:

You're going to want to stick around for awhile to see how that turns out.  In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to seeing my beach girl all dressed up.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Going Mobile...

I'm just messing around with my mobile blogging options. Sometimes you're mosying around and you're composing a blog post in your head and later it's gone.  Poof. Of course mobile blogging sets you up for interesting auto-correct issues but that just might be fun.

Bonus photo:
Family game night. Matt is teaching the kids black jack.  We're hoping to retire early. So far Skyler's our best bet.

Instagram to blog 2...

Testy testy...

Instagram to blog...

Did this work?  Testy testy.

Monday, June 04, 2012

It's June 4th and I Can Finally Wear White Pants...

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach these past two weeks.  We live in a beach community but I never ever EVER go to the main tourist beach on purpose between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are just SO many people there with more people. So in the summer if we feel like getting sand in crevices that usually go sandless, we go to the secret locals beach or the military beach. BUT my darling children and husband decided that it would be a fantastic idea to sign up for a sand soccer tournament in June so of course they felt that they needed to hold practices at the beach thus the spending of a lot of time there lately. I lived near the beach as a kid and have fond memories of the smell of coppertone and the ocean. I love walking for miles on the beach searching for shells and sea glass. People watching is A-MA-ZING. The first couple of times we were at the beach recently, I had these fond memories floating back. I might have even enjoyed myself. We've quickly come to the MOM AT THE BEACH level of annoyance though. It is nearly impossible to enjoy any time at the beach since I must first get through this list of horrors:
  • Parking.  WHERE are we going to park?  How much will it cost?  GAH THE PARKING.  How far will we have to walk? Meter? Lot? AAAAAAAH.
  • Sunscreen.  Is Skyler screened?  Did she get her face?  Did I bring the super-sensitive-his-skin-will-freak-out block for Zack?  Did I ninja attack Matt with sunscreen so he doesn't get melanoma on his forehead?  How long until they each need block again?  DAMN IT I forgot to spray myself. x infinity for however long we're there.
  • Skyler:  There is sand in my bathing suit and I have to pee x infinity until the end of time
  • Zack: I'm hot but I won't go near the water so I'm cranky, also feed me.
  • Big Daddy:  Huh?
Really! - it makes it hard to enjoy one minute of our time down there and we're going to  be there with 900 of our closest soccer teams next week.  900 teams x however many people they each have.  Why was this considered a good idea?  Oh yeah, cause Mom will take care of everything and if we're the slightest bit uncomfortable in anyway we'll just whine to her and she'll take care of everything even if she did just walk 3 miles to the bathroom with me and I have to go again. She's nuts if she thinks her suggestion of peeing in the ocean is going to fly.

Wish me luck,


Orange = sarcasm 
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