Thursday, February 09, 2012

This Is Bound to be a Greek Tragedy...

This month has been so insane that I've started writing stuff like "hid v-day treats for kids in bedroom closet" on my calendar. There's no way I can remember that stuff. My brain is full and I'm making stupid decisions. At some point I even volunteered to make baklava for Skyler's school Greek celebration. Baklava? What the frack was I thinking? I have no idea how to make baklava. I don't like making dinner. Baklava? Anyone?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Our Fridays...

Skyler wanted me to show you all what our Friday mornings look like:

Monday, February 06, 2012

Goings On...

Well. The past few days sure have been busy for The Molnars. I can't get to appointments fast enough on Fridays and then sit in multiple waiting rooms reading the news on my phone... It's a lot of rush rush rush, wait wait wait.

Something went down in politics and social media last week that was very important to all women and I think in the end it was a victory. The Susan G. Komen foundation made public the fact that they would no longer be donating money for breast cancer screenings to Planned Parenthood. The backlash was enormous. Women were furious. Planned Parenthood raised over 1 million dollars from people who supported them and did not support SGK's decision. Another blogger I read wrote a great post about it. Some of my favorite words:

This needs to be a women problem. Not a political problem.
So I donated to Planned Parenthood and did it in honor of Karen Handel who was the driving force behind the decision and who will get a card from PP thanking her for her donation. It's the least I could do. By Friday evening, SGK had reversed their decision amidst all the protests and backlash. It's something, but I think we've learned where SGK's motivation lies and I don't intend to work with or donate to that organization again.

On Friday, Zack got his mouth expander in. He's very slurpy. The orthodontist says that that will go away but right now we're all a little on edge with all the sluuuuuurping. There is also a lot of parent involvement with the food that gets stuck in the expander as Zack learns what and how to eat with that thing. I cannot wait (<--sarcasm) for Skyler to get one on the top and bottom next week.

The weather and our schedule are kicking my ass. My arthritis is in full flare and I'm pretty much constantly miserable. If you ask, and I say I'm fine, I'm lying. Hopefully my Rheumatologist can put me out of my misery on Friday.

The Patriots lost. :( I'm happy for my friends who are Giants fans. It was a good game.

The End.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Spoiled, I haz it...

On Tuesday Big Daddy drove my car to work. He had a longer drive and my car gets better gas mileage and is way awesomer. This is evidenced by the event where I got into BD's car at lunchtime to run errands and was immediately faced with having to lean over to turn the stereo up.   My car of awesome has stereo controls on the steering wheel. There is no leaning over. Win. I called BD to whine immediately. He was not impressed and labeled me spoiled. Hmph.

After the terrible task of leaning over I was faced with doing half my grocery shopping on my lunch break. My arthritis is flared up something terrible and turning the cart and pushing it and lifting the bags was a total bitch. I went back to work and cried about it to my friend Michelle who pointed out that there were services out there who shopped for you.  You could shop online, which hello? Total win. Shopping online is my favorite past-time. Then someone would take your list, pick out all your items, and deliver them to you. I knew that there weren't any home delivery services in our area and I thought that was pushing the lazy quotient a bit far and we needed milk stat.  Then I remembered that Harris Teeter totally does car side delivery.  I went online, click click clicked and had my order set to be picked up that evening.  Shortly after I got a call from the manager saying that they had a larger item to substitute for the same price. Win.  Then she said that I could pick my order up earlier than the stated time. Win.  I anticipated having to wait FO-ever at the little drive-up thing they have, but I shit you not it was four minutes (yes I timed it) from when I pulled up, to the kid putting my groceries, which were double-paper bagged, into the back of my car. Win.  I was giddy.  GIDDY I tell you.  I pulled up at the house, honked and two little worker bees came out, got my groceries, AND PUT THEM AWAY.  Clearly I was dreaming.  Could grocery shopping be this easy?  Yes, yes it can.  When I relayed this story to Big Daddy his first question of course was "how much?".  How much does it cost to not have to bring your kids with you shopping?  How much does it cost to not have to wait in line and make small-talk with the cashier (see previous posts about me hating small-talk/people)?  How much does it cost to get home at a reasonable hour?  I'll tell you.  It costs $5.00.  FIVE DOLLARS.  I SAVED about $30 not having the kids with me talking me into buying them crap. WOOT.  Beat that!  (This first purchase actually cost me $0.00 as they don't charge you the first time.  You can also join a monthly deal where you pay $16 and use it as much as you want.  I am not being paid by HT for this endorsement.  They have no idea who I am.)

Are you spoiled?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Headband Curls...

Skyler always asks me to curl her hair. This is a pain in the butt for several reasons: 1. She doesn't sit still long enough for me to put curlers in and they tend to make the ends of her hair weird B. She doesn't sit still long enough for me to use a curling iron on her and there's really no way either of us are getting up early enough anyway, and 3. She doesn't sit still long enough. So I've been meaning to try a new technique that a friend recommended that doesn't require heat and uses only a headband.

I did a quick youtube search and then Skyler and I watched the video together.

This looked REALLY easy.  We found a headband that would work and it literally took me two minutes to get her hair wrapped, then she did mine.  While we were getting ready for bed, we both found that we had to bobby-pin our last ends in.  I did this for both of us.

Now a couple of things happened.  Skyler decided that she wasn't used to having a headband across her forehead for an entire night's sleep so she took cotton balls and put a line of them under the headband, on her forehead.  She refused to let me take a picture which is too bad because I almost peed she looked so funny.  That child is beating to a totally different drummer.  Once she went to bed, I had to admit to myself that this wasn't going to work for me because I can't wear headbands without getting a headache.  I took mine out.  It had only been in for about an hour and I still had some curl action going on.  You'd think I would have taken a picture but, nope.

Skyler woke up to beautiful curls that we styled in the same manner as the little girl in the video.  This being somewhat of a photo presentation, you'd think I would have taken a picture but...nope.  You'll just have to go with my vote of approval for this video and method!

Go forth and curl your daughter's hair!

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