Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This is the level of hysteria in my office right now:

I come from a state where snowy winters are the norm.  We plan for it.  We expect it.  We deal with it.

I currently live in a state that will shut the f**k down if the precipitation coming from the sky is anything more coagulant than rain.  My co-workers are staring out of windows at the sky for the first little flake to fall and then they are OUT of here.  I'd like to mock them and make fun but our state has no plan for snow.  They don't sand or salt, they basically just say "stay home" and if you do go out well then you're an idiot.

The next few days should be interesting.  Wish us well.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Just this morning I was futzing around amazon trying to find some new music to download and I came across the song Sail by Awolnation and I thought to myself "Self, I think that's a song you like, let's take a listen".

But after a seconds I realized that I couldn't purchase this mp3 because of this:

I cannot hear this song without seeing ^ and cracking up out loud every.single.time.  It's my fav cat video of all times (yes I've hit the bottom, I'm now sharing cat videos, BUT it's the best cat video of all times so...we're good).


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Procrastination Gets Me Nowhere Per Usual...

Every year about this time I need an eye exam.  For the past...five years or so I've gone to the same optometrist and every year as soon as I get the office person on the phone I curse myself for not finding a different office before I run out of contact lenses.  The woman who runs this place is an idiot but they just haven't picked up on it yet oooorrrr she's got naughty pics of the optometrist from their last convention.

I called this morning and as soon as she said her name, which is unusual, I smacked my hand to my forehead and cursed myself for doing this again.  I asked for an appointment and she replied that she had to open her appointment program and that it might take a few minutes.  I can't think of many reasons that she gets phone calls other than someone needing an appointment.  It seems to me that that'd be the first thing she'd do when she got there in the morning.  I can't wait for her to write my prescription down wrong, order my glasses incorrectly, forget to tell me that they're in, and not be able to find me in her appointment program, all of which she's done in the past.  I think part of me keeps going because I feel sorry for the optometrist, he's very nice and competent.  Wish me luck this afternoon, is it foreshadowing that they could fit me in today? Yup I think it is.

As requested, pics of my quickly growing family:

Skyler still wants to be small enough to be carried but she won't quit growing.  Her legs are nine miles long.

Once in awhile I take a decent selfie.  My meds are making me chubby, I'm trying to own it.

This is Zack in his natural habitat.  We were at a soccer tournament and he only agreed to come along if he could bring his laptop.  He also doesn't pose for pics so that was the best I could do.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Remember Me...

I am not going to discuss my extended leave from the blog, I am just going to admit that my voice was stolen, and that I miss it desperately and I'm just going to start talking...  No one say anything to scare me away.  I'm easily startled.

Where are we for 2014?  Let's see.  The kids are almost 13 and almost 11, how did that happen?  I tell them to knock it off on the daily but they don't listen to that or anything else I say.  Z has eclipsed me in height and damn it if Skyler isn't right behind him.  I've got her by 4" but I swear she grows every night so I feel confident in making the prediction that she will be taller than I am by the end of the year.  Anyone want to place bets on which month that will happen in?  I'm thinking maybe September.  She's 60.5" and I'm 65".

Zack is finding 7th grade to be less horrible than 6th grade.  If only kids went to school to learn and participate in enjoyable activities and not to be asinine little shits, maybe ALL the kids would enjoy learning. Hey maybe the SOLs should have a whole section called "Don't Be An Asshole" and they all have to pass that section before they graduate.  Not a bad idea, someone make that happen!  Middle school is hell I tell you, hell.  I have to praise my now-taller-than-me son and say that he has great grades and is well liked and likes his teachers.  He's got some serious nerd cred loving things like gaming and chess and Sherlock Holmes type shows.  I've still got him in nerd points though.  Last night I was helping him review the science chapter on evolution, of course Darwin was mentioned and I quickly offered my copy of the Origin of Species for him to take in to class and he did the I'm-a-teenager-and-my-parents-are-embarrassing slow blink and said "No Mom, just, No."

Skyler is still taking the world by storm.  This child has got some sort of midas touch of life going on; everything she touches turns to gold.  You'd think there'd be a whole lot fewer tears with a life like that but you wouldn't be talking of my little drama queen.  You'd just better watch out if you think you can be another 11 year old girl in the area and just get on Instagram all willy nilly out of her control.  She doesn't want so-and-so to be on Instagram.  Yeah I don't get it either but there were tears.  We had a big adjustment this year moving to travel soccer and a new coach, new teammates, new level of intensity.  We had to check the barometer of feelings every morning to determine if we loved soccer or not that day.  After some adjustments we found ourselves in the fall with more soccer than we knew what to do with, seven days a week and she wanted more.  She's only twitching a little bit from moving to twice weekly in the winter.  Yes she kicks soccer balls in the house and yes there are rebounders in the front yard.  We all have to stay sane somehow.    We're currently applying to middle school charter programs and I'm sure that will be high on the drama meter as each member of her grade gets acceptance/rejection letters.  Everything with girls is harder. It's a good thing that we love this kid so hard; we love watching her mold life into doing whatever the heck she wants.

Matt is as busy as always.  We don't like giving him any free time. :)  The biggest news is that the soccer team that he coaches is being given a huge opportunity that our league has never given before.  To say he should be proud of himself and his abilities is a gross understatement.  His girls had a goal differential of 55 goals last season, a few of those games they stopped counting at 15 goals.  He's got parents begging to let their daughter on his already full team.  All this means more soccer more of the time, he and Skyler couldn't be happier.

Me?  I'm still managing the Book of Molnar (our schedule), working, reading, knitting.  I find myself boring to talk about (typical Mom).  I'm still ornery and like naps.  What else is there?

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