Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Do you watch any YouTube channels?  I have so many that I love.  I'll share a few with you this month.

My current favorite channel is Flula, by Flula Borg.  He says:
My name is Flula Borg, and I am a musician from Erlangen in Germany. Many things Inspire to me, and I show those to you here!

Flula just cracks my shit up.  He's hilarious without meaning to be and has some great colab music videos that he calls Auto Tunes.

I got off on a Flula tangent recently and watched all his videos and then uh listened to all the podcasts he's been on.  I just find him to be a happy part of the day.  Enjoy!

What is your favorite YouTube channel?

Edit: oh looky what came out today! A new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. Recognize anyone?


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